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7440 T20 Male Adapter Wiring Harness For Car Motorcycle Headlight Tail Lamp Turn Signal Lights Retrofit

7440 T20 Male Adapter Wiring Harness For Headlight Tail Lamp Retrofit

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  • 1 pair (left side and right side harness) 5" long wire compatible with single filament 7440 7444 992A T20 sockets
  • High efficient copper wiring with nylon plug (can withstand up to 1200 Fahrenheit), and male connector included
  • Heavy duty, High efficient, Heat resistant, Never melt
  • Used for turn signal lights, brake light, tail lights, daytime running lights retrofit
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7440 Wire

7440 Wire

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Additional Information

This page features one pair brand new 7440 male adapters with 2-wire extension.

It is commonly used for turn signal lights, brake light, tail lights, daytime running lights retrofit such as:

Using existing harness with add-on lamps or LED (see pictures above)
Aftermarket headlamp or tail lamp conversion
LED turn signal retrofit
Angel eyes, halo ring retrofit custom work

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7440 T20 male adapter harness came in handy November 3, 2017

Reviewer: Michael Kamentsev

7444 bulb (the one with 2 incandescent bulb filaments) plug has 4 contacts on it. Contacts 1 and 4 are for the larger incandescent bulb filament used for turn signals (the filament is larger to be brighter than smaller parking light filament). Contacts 2 and 3 are for the smaller incandescent bulb filament (parking light filament).

I bought a used 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid who's owner had the [unhealthy] energy to upgrade most of the old bulbs with filaments (incandescent or halogen) to LED bulbs. The only bulbs he did not upgrade are the rear turn signal bulbs, and I'm pretty certain he must have ran into some electrical issue with those. The most complicated LED bulb conversion involved the front parking lights, doubling as daytime running lights and also having turn signals built in. Both parking lights use 7444NA bulbs and are amber. When you drive the amber parking lights are ON and if you turn on turning signals ,the larger 7444NA's filaments starts to blink.  The LED conversion changed that operation to white LED parking light being ON when driving, and that same white LED turning OFF when LED trun signal is turned ON, and the yellow LEDs starting to blink. In other words it operates the same way as modern pricey cars model year 2014 onwards. You'd often see an Audi with white LED parking light on. Once the driver turns the turn signal on that white LED goes off, and in its place amber LED starts to blink. Once the turn or lane change is done and the blinking yellow LED is off the white parking light LED kicks back in. This switch from white light to yellow blinker is referred to as "switchback". My Camry Hybrid's previous owner went through the [multi-hour, weekend killing] hassle of running a hot wire from the fuse box found under the hood and connecting a bunch of wires to enable the LED parking light/turn signal switchback conversion. S/He installed a cheap $25 kit for this sold on eBay straight from mother China. That Chinese "invention" is made cheaply and the design is not thought through. Search for "Pair for Toyota Camry Plug&Play Switchback Front DRL Parking Signal LED Resistor" to find exactly what I'm talking about. One part of this switchback conversion set is this exact iJDMTOY (2) 7440 T20 Male Adapter Wiring Harness, which is essentially a plug with 2 wires. The bulb plug on the Chinese Plug&Play Switchback system rusts first, and then just falls apart. But a couple of Insulated Heat Shrink Butt Connectors and this iJDMTOY (2) 7440 T20 Male Adapter Wiring Harness solved my problem.
If you got a Camry or planning to do this type of conversion is to secure all the wires connectors as high off the ground as you can- or don't ever drive over puddles, unless you love reading fuse box charts and replacing fuses :)

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Worked perfect for making LED wiring adapters July 3, 2017

Reviewer: Harley Ryder

I used these male wiring harnesses to make LED bulb adapters for my Nissan Sentra so I didn't have to modify the factory wiring. It fit perfect and works great as intended. I wired them to 7443 wiring harness female sockets along with the required resistors, plugged them in and no problems. LED lights work perfect and are exactly what I was wanting.

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Works as expected for my Prius's turn signals March 1, 2017

Reviewer: Traffic Cop

The wiring harness works exactly as expected for my 2004 Toyota Prius turn signals.  I use the 7440 T20 male adapter to create my own resistor harness for LED turn signals so I don't have to disturb the original wiring harness.

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