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(1) Cute Antenna Topper w/ Spring Stand To Convert Antenna Ball To Desk or Car Dashboard Bobblehead Toy

Antenna Topper with Spring Stand To Convert Antenna Ball To Dashboard


Price: $7.99

Usually Ships in 24 Hours


Pink Reindeer (AA3214)
Yellow Duck (AA3217)
Yellow Flying Devil (AA3240)
LGBT Colorful Rainbow (AA3241)
KDS Kumamon Bear Head (AA3242)

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  • 1 piece of antenna topper or desk/car dashboard bobble toy
  • Made with waterproof, durable foam
  • Comes with spring stand to convert the antenna topper to a desk/car decorative toy


  • Super adorable pink reindeer piggy design at 3" wide, 3" tall
  • Cute derpy yellow duck design at 2" wide, 2" tall
  • Yellow Flying Devil design at 2" wide, 2" tall
  • LGBT Colorful Rainbow design at 2" wide, 2" tall
  • KDS Kumamon Bear Head design at 2" wide, 2" tall

Pig Antenna Topper

Duck Antenna Topper

Antenna Topper

Antenna Topper

Antenna Topper

Additional Information

Add a little splash of personality on your car! Stick this cute antenna topper on top of your antenna to showcase your quirky self and put a little dash of fun color on your ride.

This antenna topper is made with super durable waterproof foam to withstand all kinds of weather so you can display your topper loud and proud. The topper even comes with an extra spring stand if you want to convert the topper to use as a desk/car decorative toy.

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