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Switchback LED 1210-SMD Powered LED Halo Rings For Headlights Demon/Angel Eyes Retrofit DIY

Switchback LED Halo Rings For Custom Headlight Angel Eyes Retrofit


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  • Brand new switchback LED design
  • Up to 2 pieces switchback LED halo rings per side with a single SB module box
  • Made with high quality dual-color 3535 type SMD LED lights
  • 3-4 times brighter than conventional CCFL Halo Rings
  • Content: 2 pieces of LED angel eye halo rings
  • Color: switchback xenon white, amber yellow
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  • The switchback module box can power up to two switchback halo rings, which is perfect for getting both the low and high beam converted to LED halo rings with switchback feature.


  • Installing this item will heavily involve modifications on the customer's part.
  • Retrofitting actions may include, but not limited to:
    • Baking open the headlamps
    • Cutting
    • Drilling
    • Adding additional brackets to mount the LED rings
  • We highly recommend getting this professionally installed, which may cost an additional fee.

Switchback LED Halo Rings For Angel Eyes Retrofit

Switchback LED Halo Rings For Angel Eyes Retrofit

Switchback LED Halo Rings For Angel Eyes Retrofit

Switchback LED Halo Rings For Angel Eyes Retrofit

Switchback LED Halo Rings For Angel Eyes Retrofit

Switchback LED Halo Rings For Angel Eyes Retrofit

Additional Information

This is a brand new switchback LED halo ring design to allow you to customize your headlights to get the awesome dual-function that is all the rage in the industry. These xenon white/amber yellow switchback LED angel eyes are specially crafted to allow you to control up to two rings per side with one module box. This means that the rings on each separate side will flash in conjunction with its mate, making this set a definite rarity!

Choose from two pieces of rings total or add an additional pair for a unique 4-ring set.

It's time to customize your standard headlights with these all new demon/angel eyes for a sweet look that's both great on the road and ready for the show.

These LED Halo Rings are available in the following sizes:

  • 10X O-Rings
  • 10.6X O-Rings


We recommend this SMD LED halo rings to be installed by a professional due to the amount of work required. This LED halo rings will require the headlight assembly to be opened and re-sealed, we do not take any responsibility for any damage or labor that is involved with the installation of this product.

These rings are to be mounted using double-sided tape or silicone adhesive glue. We recommend using these with aftermarket or OEM projector housings to allow these to be seated correctly. Modifications to the headlight assembly may be required to fit these depending on the application. Please keep in mind that any modification to the LED ring such as (but not limited to) painting, gluing, or cutting will void the warranty. Please make sure that you test the lights prior to installing to ensure they are working before proceeding with any type of work.

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Warranty Terms and Conditions

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