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Return to Front & Back Shine 30W High Power 168 194 2825 912 921 T10 LED Bulbs For Parking Lights or Backup Reverse Lights, powered by 6 pieces 5W CREE High Power LED Lights
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LED backup lights June 7, 2017

Reviewer: Jim

Installed these back up reverse LED lights in my 2015 Lexus rc350 f sport.  Nice and bright and they don't hyper flash.

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5 stars for LED reverse lights based on actual use December 5, 2016

Reviewer: Murphy from United States

Of all the LED reverse lights i've researched, these iJDMTOY LED reverse lights came out on top - and I was not disappointed. They are extremely bright, which assists the backup camera to do its job even better. Don't be scared by the 30W description, all it is 5W per emitter (there are 3) = 15W per bulb. There are 2 bulbs, hence, 30W.

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2008 Infiniti g35x - Great lights May 2, 2015

Reviewer: Jay from Western NC

My car has a small area for reverse lights.

At the time of this review there is picture of a Lexus with the same size and shape.

I tried an off the shelf led, terrible idea.

These lights are incredibly bright. Almost blinding.  

The output is enhanced by both the optical lens and the forward direction.

The light going forward (towards the front of the car) hits the metal reflector behind the light so it acts as a mirror and broadcasts the beam. You have more flood rather than two spot lights.

The optical beam going outward greatly enhances the output.  The dual function is a logical and effective way to produce an impressive overall  picture.

The consensus from others is that they are as bright as my HID headlights.

They work well but for those with a smaller reverse light area, don't get too excited.  You can't light up a parking lot.  It's just physics.

I can say if your 50 feet away, you can hold your hand in front of your shirt and see a shadow.

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2012 Acura TL Reverse Lights August 30, 2014

Reviewer: ChuckM from Galesburg, MI United States

Purchased on Tue. arrived on Fri. from Cali to Michigan. Excellent and fast service!  These LEDs rock!  Brilliant 6k white light. Really lights up the area behind the car. Night and day difference with stock bulbs.  Also installed LED side markers and license plate lights. This is what the car should have had from the factory. Highly recommend.

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Reverse lights for 2014 Toyota Tacoma April 4, 2014

Reviewer: Pat Long from Marietta, GA United States

I bought these bulbs to replace the stock reverse light bulbs in my new truck. What a difference. Side by side comparison- old bulbs had a dull orange light- the LED bulbs have a super bright, white light. The back shine feature really kicks out the light. Highly recommended.
Well worth the money.

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Perfect for backup lights March 10, 2014

Reviewer: Javier from West Allis, WI United States

Bought these odd-shape designed LED bulbs for my 2011 BMW E90 335i for backup reverse lights. These LED light up much brighter than the conventional design LED I bought last Christmas.

Since these are high power LED bulbs, therefore there's no error message on my dashboard.

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