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RGB LEDs are definitely worth it May 17, 2017

Reviewer: josue candanosa

I've had this RGB LED knight rider scanner lighting bar installed  about 2 months now and I'm petty satisfied.  Very easy to install onto my exterior of my Honda.  I always leave it on while my car is parked, even for several days at a time. Many colors and LED lighting patterns to paly with.

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7-Color LED Scanner Light September 5, 2012

Reviewer: Nick from Wakefield, MA United States

I found this website by chance. I'm glad I did. The day I got it in the mail, I installed it right away. It fits nicely behind my grill. It looks so awesome on my 08 Corolla! You guys have done a great job in producing such a quality product! The different light modes will keep it interesting. I will post some pics soon. Thank you iJDMtoy.

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Pretty good September 5, 2012

Reviewer: Chance from Kent, WA United States

fun product... except for the fact that the red and blue in the video is red and green on my bar (only good for christmas, not scaring friends) and the remote only works half the time. After about 3 months on my car, the colors started bleeding (Solid white has some purple/yellow color in it now.

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Love this thing! September 5, 2012

Reviewer: Chris Dana from Levittown, NY United States

I just received the LEDs today and I installed them in my 02 maximas grill. It looks pretty damn sexy, the only thing I wouldve liked to add is maybe a favorite button to snap to a certain setting like the cop lights or the knight rider, and maybe some kind of indicator so I know when it's on... I was driving around playing with the remote and unless I got up someone's ass so I could see the reflection in their car I couldn't tell if it was on or off. I would gladly have paid extra for this. other than that it is awesome!!!! Installation was easy. I used a strip of industrial strength Velcro to stick it on the Inside of my bumper so I can get more of a glow effect. Wiring was easy, red to positive, black to negative. The yellow wire I just tucked away somewhere.

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SO SICK September 5, 2012

Reviewer: JT from Laurel, MD United States

This light is SICK! Nice and bright even in direct sunlight. Took me 5 minutes to install on my jeep. Pricing was nice and the shipping was fast. I agree with others that a favorite button or some sort of pattern identifier would be nice so you don't have to look directly at the light so see its current function, unless you install inside there is no way to tell if it is on or not while driving. I will post a you-tube video of all the patterns and colors, look for "JEEP KNIGHT RIDER"

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JDMTOY Super Bright 24" 48 RGB 7-Color LED Scanner February 24, 2012

Reviewer: Chester Gault from mountain grove, MO United States

I just hooked mine up and works great.only complaint is battery in the remote was dead right out of the box. $7.00 to replace it. i haven't got to play with it much yet,but so far so good. solid colors only can get red green and blue. all in all real good product for the money.

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Awsome! Very Bright and Eye catching!! February 10, 2012

Reviewer: Vic from Little Neck, NY United States

These lights are sick! i put them behind my nissan maxima grill and it makes my car look evil! nothing but pros about this product. its bright, very visible, easy to install and many patterns to choose from!

installation was very simplejust simply spliced the wires into my DRL and bam it works like a charm. no need to worry about it running all night because i have them tapped into my drl lights.
the colors are bright, and the patterns are awesome! i originally left it at a solid red, but later on went with the knight rider style. basically every month i change it up.

i cant think of any cons except possibly the remote cant be used far enough, but lets be serious you wouldnt go farther than 20 feet from your car to change the lights... and someone above stated there is no police light function... mine do have the flashing police lights and they flash blue and red.
i will try to post pics in the gallery of my car thanks jdm for this product

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Very Cool LED Scanner Lights February 6, 2012

Reviewer: William A. from Acme, PA United States

I bought two sets these RGB 7 colors LED scanner bars for my 2011 Chevy Silverado Truck for the trunk bed. The shipping is super fast for west coast to east coast with very honest shipping charge (we use Fedex for shipping as well).

I placed two LED bars side by side and use a single remove to control both of them! Really stands out and looks great on my truck.

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GO SCANNER STRIP January 27, 2012

Reviewer: Zhi C. from Columbus, OH United States

Vehicle: 08 Yaris Hatchback

Pros: Well, it is cool, and sometimes I left this LED Scanner Stip turned on at parking lot, then I went shopping.... I saw someone else were attracted by the light, hmm.... nice.

And, EASY DIY Installation, wire terminal  could be unplugged from the receiver/controller box, just in case you do not want to take off your whole front bumper but the unplugged wire could easily goes into the gap between your front grill.

Cons: Just like another comment said, the Strip is not 24'', it just a little bit longer than my European license plate.

And, the remote control is soooo sick... I have to stand by my car to activate the light.

The wire is not long enough, you need to buy some extra to connect to battery, (BTW, do forget the crimp connectors and zip ties too...)

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Amazing Product! December 19, 2011

Reviewer: CGM from Ocala, FL United States

Having limited experience with this kind of lighting installation I was somewhat hesitant when it came without installation instructions. I have a new Camaro 2012 SS and wanted to make sure I got this thing done perfectly. A quick internet search will pull up video instructions on youtube. Moreover, just call, they are more than happy to help. After getting it installed and connected they physically went and installed the strip on one of their cars to explain how the remote control works. I cannot tell you how helpful this was. Also, some of the reviews below mention that there are no red and blue flashing "cop lights" and their plain wrong. Because the scanner has so many variations and options on what it can do you have to cycle through to this specific option and it is EXACTLY like a police car. The a) button changes the speed of the light b) will change the color depending on the option you've picked c) will change the lighting option/variation d) on and off.

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