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Affordable led upgrade for my Accord August 25, 2018

Reviewer: Victor

These LED DRL headlight tube inserts look great so far! Install is hard with big hands so have someone with small ones do it for you. Relatively straight forward and results speak for themself.

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Honda Accord Upgrade. July 21, 2018

Reviewer: Andrew

I wanted to spice up my Honda and I was perusing Amazon and found these LED tubes and were blown away. The headlight LED DRLs were somewhat easy to install and looks great at night. As other reviews have said, they are not super bright during the daytime but they still look good to me. I wish I could switch up my daytime lights to have this come on automatically but that would take re-wiring and that could be dangerous, so instead, I just flip the switch to low beams and let those run while I drive through the day. Still looks pretty nice.  I do wish they would find a way to make them sit higher up in the slot  but you can't even tell at night. I would highly suggest these for any 2014 accord ex-l honda owners. I own a black honda and it looks amazing.

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Bright, Easy Installation on my 2014 Honda Accord June 15, 2018

Reviewer: ROBERT

I bought this xenon white LED DRL tube for my 2014 Honda Accord LX. Definitely what I was looking for to upgrade from the OEM marker bulbs. Bright enough to make a noticeable difference and accommodate my LED headlights. My headlights are the Hikari Philips Lumileds. However, these are not bright enough to be used as DRLs. If that's what your looking for, look into another product. I have now been using these for over four months without any issues.

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I highly recommend these Honda DRL lights May 21, 2018

Reviewer: Albertik

These LED daytime running light strips are great! I highly recommend these lights for anyone who drives a 2014 Honda Accord. Gives off a nice even shine

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Amazing fluid shining xenon white DRL light April 11, 2018

Reviewer: Daniel C.

The aftermarket LED DRL tube looks amazing, provides an updated 2016 honda accord vibe to my 2015 sport.

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2014 Honda Accord headlight DRLs March 3, 2018

Reviewer: Marketplace Customer

Good white LED daytime running light tubes. Excellent quality, gives off a nice and even xenon white shine

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Looks nice in my Honda Accord headlights! February 24, 2018

Reviewer: Pablo Perez

Looks very nice! Love the blue tint in the white LEDs.

Let's see how long they last
in my 2013 Honda Accord.

Date of installation 03-04-18

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Quick and Easy Install in Honda Accord February 21, 2018

Reviewer: Christian K

Great set of xenon white even illumination LED headlight DRLs, definitely worth the money for a clean and different look.

Install was less than 5 mins per side, hardest part was getting to the bulb fitting.
I have an AEM aftermarket CAI so, the driver side install wasn't as bad as it would have been had I kept the OEM filter housing.

Make sure your workspace (around the lights) is clean, the white strips pick up and show dirt quite easy.
No hassle install, literally plug and play in my 2014 Honda Accord. If a light doesn't function, reverse polarity on the clip.

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These are LED Marker lamps but pretty cool anyway February 20, 2018

Reviewer: John Gifford

Let me first off say- these are NOT day time running lights, they replace the marker lights.  They will not come on by themselves when the headlights are in "auto" mode, they come on with the headlights when it gets dark. The headlight LED headlight tubes aren't bad, they look good, like the photo, time will tell how long they last.  I will be purchasing some whiter head light bulbs to match the LED's. Each LED tube was pretty simple to install into my 2015 Honda Accord though, if you have tiny hands and small forearms, it would be easier... (but the trade off is that you'd have little hands and arms, lol).  I was able to reach the passenger side OK, but for the driver side, I had to loosen the battery and shift it out of the way, then remove the airbox.  Also, follow the instructions and remove the clips and screws on the headlight housing (not required, but allows a little give, and will reduce the risk of breaking a tab).  All this said, none of these things is difficult to do if you are mechanically inclined, and would need to be done just to change the normal bulb anyway, so you'll have to do it eventually.  Took about 20 min to install both and put the airbox and battery back in.

All in all, it's a cool product, for sure!  Just a little mis-represented by the title and description.

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2014 Honda Accord headlight DRLs February 15, 2018

Reviewer: Art TX

Work and look as described.  The even flowing illumination DRL tubes do add a nice upgraded look to the standard head lights.  To get the full effect, upgrade your other lights to Silverstar or zXe to match the white light colors.  I did watch installation videos on YouTube for reference.  Ease of installation depends on the size of your hands.  Access to the passenger side light was fairly easy.  I had to remove the battery to get to the driver side light because my man-hand would not fit in enough to grip and twist the connection. But the LED headlight daytime running lights installation was fine overall

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