High Power LED Headlight Bulbs - H8 H9 H11 or 9005 9006 H10 - 6000K Xenon White, Powered By ZES LED with Removable Fan-less Heatsink

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SKU 40-833-White
  • Powered by ZES LED emitters with an amazing 2500 Lum lighting output on low beam and 4000 Lum lighting output for high beam
  • Specially designed shape with perfect precision to give your LED bulb the optimal beam pattern
  • All new designed removable fan-less heatsink and base to give you more flexibility to install this LED bulb easily, plus has a waterproof ballast from the connector to the adapter
  • Replace bulb size: H11 H8 H9 or 9005 9006 H10

These high-powered LED headlight bulbs are the pinnacle of car technology - with the new innovative futuristic design all the way to the superior lighting output. The LED headlight bulbs are powered by ZES LED emitters to give you unparalleled lighting output like no other. You will also notice the sleek shape of the LED headlight bulb, which is a specially designed shape that has perfect precision ensured to give your bulb the brightest shine.

The LED headlight bulb also has a removable fan-less heatsink and base for optimum flexibility and painless installation. This coupled with the waterproof ballast from the connector to the adapter ensures longevity and durability. For drivers who are in the pursuit of premium engineering, these LED headlight bulbs are definitely second to none.

Questions & Answers

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Do these fit 2012 cadillac cts

These LEDs are available in an H11/H8 and a 9005/9006/9145. To confirm the fitment for your vehicle, please check to see that your OEM bulb is listed. 

I will like to know if you guys have bulbs in colors like red, blue ?

These LEDs are available in a 6000K, xenon white.

Are these H11 LED bulbs sold in pairs?

The High Power LED Headlight Bulbs does come in a pair.

Will this fit as a replacement for my H3 foglight bulb?

The LED lights will replace bulb size: H11 H8 H9 or 9005 9006 H10 only.  

will these fit my 2007 accord coupe I4

These LED bulbs can replace for headlights or fog lights. Since we don't know which exact application you want to replace with these LED bulbs for your 2014 Honda Accord Coupe, we recommend checking your stock bulbs or owner's manual for the bulb size and purchase accordingly. You can also contact us directly for further assistance.

Will this fit a Lexus IS 250 2010? I want them for the fog lights.

The 2010 Lexus IS250 comes with two different fog light sizes: H11 or 9006

Please check your stock bulbs or owner's manual to confirm which size and purchase the correct size option accordingly.

SKU 40-833-White compared to SKU 40-854-White which bulb will be the brightest, highest light output? Thanks

Compared to the 40-854-White LED bulbs, 40-833-White will appear to have a brighter output. It is rated at 6000K-6500K Xenon White which is white with a slight hint of blue. 40-854-White tends to have more of a blue tint and may not appear to be as bright as 40-833-White, although both are pretty comparable.

I am shopping for a pure white low beam H11 bulb. Which is the highest light output option-LED or HID kits?

HID lights are typically brighter than LED lights. However, LED lights draw much less power, produce less heat, and are known to last longer.