How To Install BMW Blade Shape Fxx Chassis Large Paddle Shifter Replacement Kit

If you have BMW 2014-2019 F22 2 Series, 2013-2018 F30 F31 3 Series, 2014-2019 F32 F33 4 Series, 2015-2018 F48 X1, 2011-2017 F25 X3, 2014-2018 F26 X4, 2014-2018 F15 X5, 2015-2019 F16 X6, you will need to use the larger paddle shifter with the provided adapters. (AA3848)

If you have BMW M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 X5M X6M or M-Sport M135i M235i M328i M335i M4xx M5xx Series M-Sport X5 X6, etc, you can install the larger paddle shifter directly without the adapters. (AA3786)

Here is a general installation guide, please take a look.

We also have a youtube video from one of our distributor, you can also take a look.