LED Pod Fog Light Kit FAQ & Tech Support

Q: How do I assemble the LED Pod Light?

A: Check out the LED Pod Light YouTube Installation on how to mount the bracket onto the LED pod light here!


Q: How does iJDMTOY's LED pod lights compare to standard pod light on the market?

A: iJDMTOY's LED pod lights are crafted with better quality materials, with powder coated finish, heavy duty L-shaped mounting brackets, and a much brighter light output. The LED pod lights are extra durable so that you can take these LED pod lights on and off the road. Check out this comparison video below.


Q: I'm having trouble screwing the bolts into the LED pod lights. How do I get the bolts to thread through?

A: The holes are pre-drilled to be about the same diameter as the bolts to ensure a secure it when preassembling the dually flush mount LED pod lights There are two ways to thread the bolts successfully:

  1. Use a flat head screwdriver to widen the top of the hole

  2. Push the bolt down using the included Allen wrench tool and screw it in

Refer to this Youtube video for a visual reference: