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Why do you need car LED?

With so many car owners taking personal customization to new levels, it makes sense to consider the benefits of upgrading your lights to LED! Boasting illumination three times brighter than traditional lights, LED lights for cars are a solid solution for vehicle owners looking for something extra. Aside from their impressive brightness, LED lights for cars offer impressive staying power with longer life spans and are practically indestructible. Imagine having headlights you hardly ever need to replace, unless you want a different option, or door lights immune to the damages of accidental impacts. With the letters in LED standing for light-emitting diode, this type of lighting offers superior performance and concentrated power.

We offer a wide selection of LED lights for cars, SUV’s, and trucks, including LED strip lights, LED daytime running lights, LED circuit board panel lights, and LED fog lights. Offered for a variety of makes and models, you are sure to find LED lights or accessories ideal for your individual vehicle. All of the LED lights for cars we proudly carry have been manufactured with the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality for a product you can depend on for years to come. Whether looking for the efficiency of LED interior lights, the incomparable illumination provided by LED headlights, or the stylish appeal of angel eyes and halos rings, our expansive inventory offers the best in diversity and affordability.

At, we understand how important your vehicle is to you. It is more than a machine. It is a reflection of you and the standards to which you hold yourself and others. Since we understand the importance of cars, we understand the level of quality you expect. We strive to bring you only the finest selections of LED lights and accessories. Aside from our wide inventory of exceptional products, we aim to make your satisfaction our top priority. Our skilled and friendly team of associates would be happy to assist you along the way while shopping with us or answer any questions you may have. Call or order online to see the difference LED can make in your vehicle today!

Products we carry

Direct fit LED daytime running lights (also known as DRLs) are aftermarket replacement assemblies that replace a factory bezel or light assembly for a subtle, yet noticeable improvement over stock that will leave others to wonder if it came from factory like that. Facelifts and other upgrades are often made to production vehicles after they are released to the general public to fix certain issues, improve the look, or refresh the model look. A common change that many models have is the addition of new lights to a part of the vehicle that originally did not have them in the previous generation and years. Our direct fit LED lights blend seamlessly with the existing features of the car and that makes these a very attractive choice for any automotive enthusiast looking for an updated look on their ride.
Many of the modern 21st century European vehicles have an electrical can-bus system that detects when and where a bulb is not properly functioning. Since LED bulbs naturally have less power draw on the system, many European vehicles see this as a fault and as a result, an error message appears. One way to solve this issue would be to add a resistor to the circuit to mimic the power draw of the factory incandescent bulb, but that requires modification of the factory wires which is not something everyone is comfortable with doing. Error free LED replacement bulbs have built-in resistors inside the LED bulb that prevent unnecessary modifications to be done. Our plug and play replacement LED bulbs are perfect for most European vehicles that need a can-bus friendly LED alternative.
LED Angel Eyes were first introduced on the E39 BMW 5-series in the early part of the 21st century and has made a significant impact on the automotive styling culture. These angel eye rings (also known as corona rings by BMW) are fiber optic rings that reflect light within itself to create a uniform ring of light around the low and high beam lights. The factory source of light were dim, incandescent filament bulbs that created a dull yellow glow which is not the most desirable color for many car enthusiasts; BMW has since changed this design with their newer models by using an LED alternative. Our replacement angel eye bulbs are aimed to create the similar look found on the newer BMWs on the older generations that originally had incandescent halogen lights. Not only are these available for the older BMW models, we have universal versions that can be used on other applications that originally did not come with angel eye rings as well. Now any vehicle can obtain the classic BMW angel eye ring look with some DIY-work.
What are switchback LED lights? Switchback LED lights are special two-color lights that operate as both the turn signal and running lights on many dual filament light applications. Many vehicles share the parking or city running lights with the turn signals and are usually yellow or amber from factory for both modes. Our LED switchback bulbs offer the Xenon White color during parking light mode while blinking as Amber during the turn signal mode so the indicators stay within the legal color allowed by law. Keep a sleek, HID-like look while the headlights are on and not get hassled by cops when you use your turn signals! We have these available in various forms such as a replacement bulb, universal assembly, and LED strips! These unique LED lights are a great way to stand out from the crowd at night.
LED headlight technology has been rapidly developed since 2004 and is now considered one of the most luxurious, quality headlights that are on some of the most high-end car brands today. Audi is the forerunner of LED headlight technology, with some of the most innovative LED adaptive headlights. However, the sticker price that comes with the top tier Audi vehicles is pretty hefty. Aftermarket LED headlights have awe worthy technology to give drivers a super bright output and display a unparalleled beam pattern and an upgraded light output. Aftermarket LED headlights automatically give any car a unique appearance and also make driving on the road much safer.
LED DRL Bulbs: More and more new cars nowadays are equipped with daytime running lights, but they are unfortunately the dull, yellow halogen lamps. LED daytime running light bulbs are a quick and easy way to get a crisp, white output without having to do any extreme modifications. LED daytime running light bulbs are vehicle specific so you know that the LED bulb you are buying is designed specifically to fit your vehicle so that you can have unbeatable output that other drivers can notice from all the way on the other side of the intersection. LED daytime running light bulbs are practically a must-have upgrade for all cars and will never go wrong.
LED Knight Rider: Whether or not you are a fan of the iconic "Knight Rider" TV show from the 80s, LED Knight Rider strips and LED scanners are a great way to give your car a bit of pizzazz. If you wanted a bit of variety, there are all sorts of LED strips available for your car. Choose from luxury-inspired LED strips, such as Audi-style side glow LED strips or Mercedes Brabus style LED puddle lights, or even some funky LED eagle eyes or miniature LED strips! The design combinations are practically endless, giving you the perfect opportunity to build the lighting features of your car from scratch.
HID Xenon Lights stand for high-intensity discharge which is a type of light that produces 3-5 times more light output than conventional incandescent halogen bulbs do. HID lights are a premium upgrade for any vehicle to see clearer and better at night. Whether your vehicle already came with HID lights from factory or if you want to get a conversion kit to get HID lights, we have a selection for you to choose from. More light output means more visibility and more visibility means more safety for you and other drivers on the road. All our HID lights are plug and play so they do not require any type of modification to the factory wiring. They are easy to install and completely reversible if you ever want to go back to stock whenever you want or need to. Our large selection of colors available will be sure to satisfy any visual taste you prefer.
Universal LED Daytime Running Lights are not designed for any specific vehicle and can be made to fit just about any vehicle on the road. The installation is not as direct and exact as our vehicle specific alternatives, but these can achieve a much more custom look that not many are able to copy. The wide variety we offer allow for a large selection of lights to choose from that will suit the needs of almost any vehicle; experience with DIY-type work is recommended for a factory-fit finish. Most of our lights come with basic mounting hardware and brackets for installation, but may require additional mounting components depending on the vehicle application. They are easy to wire and power up as well so it will not take an electrical engineer to figure it out.
We offer a range of options including truck LED lighting for your vehicle. Our wide selection of off road lights features options compatible with many makes and models, including Ford, Jeep, Toyota, Chevrolet, and more, to make sure you get exactly what you need to up the ante with your truck in impeccable performance and style. We offer bumper lights, fog lights, and headlights featuring the incomparable abilities of LED lighting. These lighting accessories come with the necessary hardware, such as durable mounting brackets with wiring harness and relay harness for independent control of the lights, to make these a simple addition to your truck that can add a lot of life. No matter which color or wattage you choose, these lights offer the powerful illumination your truck needs to go off-roading with confidence.