One (1) 35W Ultra Slim Digital Ballast For Xenon Headlamp Kit Replacement

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  • 35w Ultra Slim Digital AC Ballast
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Internal circuit chip to regulate stable and constant power supply
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Vibration/shock protection
  • Plug and play installation
  • Content: one piece of HID ballast
  • How to Install an HID Conversion Kit

Our iJDMTOY 35w Ultra Slim Digital HID Ballast is perfect for replacing an existing ballast from an old Xenon Headlight Kit that has stopped working or providing power to a some HID bulbs you have laying around that you want to use.

Our Ultra Slim Digital HID ballasts have an embedded electronic chipset that regulates the electrical current to make sure the input to the HID bulb is stable at all times which helps improve the HID bulb's lifespan by 30%. Our ballasts also feature the best and latest reverse polarity protection and shock protection system which reduces installation issues and improves longevity. The installation is virtually fail-safe and is plug and play.

Package Contents
One (1) of piece 35w Ultra Slim Digital HID Ballast*NOTE: Since these ballasts are sold in SINGLE pieces, please purchase a quantity of two (2) if you need a pair

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is this HID conversion kit water proof?

    A: The ballast and igniter are 100% water proof, but the HID bulbs must be installed inside a sealed housing.

    Q: Will this HID conversion kit fit my car?

    A: Please visit Osram Sylvania's Lamp Replacement Guide to determine what size you need for your car prior to purchasing. We recommend double-checking what size you need by pulling out the factory bulb as well.

    Q: Will I have to modify my car to fit this HID conversion kit?

    A: No physical modification to the car should be needed if the correct sized lights are purchased.

    Q: Do I need anything else to install the HID conversion kit?

    A: The kit comes with all the important components for installation such as the HID bulbs, HID ballasts, and basic wiring. Additional components such as relay harnesses, decoders, and/or HID bulbs holders/adapters may be required for certain car, to determine if you need it, contact us and we'll assist you.

    Q: How do I install the HID conversion kit onto my car?

    A: We have this HID installation guide, please take a look. We also have this installation visual:

    HID installation

    Q: Can I use double-sided tape to mount the HID ballast?

    A: We do not recommend you use double-sided tape to mount the HID ballast because over time it will fall off. Instead, we recommend you use zip-tie to mount the ballast.

    Q: How come there are some "dirt" inside the HID bulb? Is it used?

    A: No, the so called "dirt" inside the HID bulb is the actual chemical used to produce the different colors such as 6000K xenon white, 8000K ultra blue, 10000K deep blue and 12000K light purple.

    Q: How do I install the HID conversion kit onto my car?

    A: We have this HID installation guide, please take a look.

    Q: I have just installed the HID conversion kit, but one side does not light up?

    A: Most likely the polar issue, please flip the adapter 180 degrees and try again.

    How to install HID Conversion Kit

    Q: Do you carry 55W HID Conversion Kits?

    A: No, we do not carry 55w HID Conversion Kits because they have too many problems such as overheating, melted harnesses, and unreliable components.

    Q: Are your HID Conversion Kits AC (Digital) or DC (Analog)?

    A: Our kits use AC Digital HID ballasts and HID bulbs for superior performance and longevity.

    Q: What does Bi-Xenon mean?

    A: Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kits change both the high beam and low beam lights to HID; this is available for the 9003/H4, 9004/9007, and 9008/H13 bulb sizes only.

    Q: Can I use your HID Conversion Kit with my daytime running lights?

    A: Typically, no. Most daytime running lights usually operate at 6-8 volts and HID lights require 12 volts to operate properly. We only recommend using our HID conversion kit with 12 volt systems only.

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