Extremely Bright 50W CREE High Power 906 912 921 T10 LED Back Up Reverse Lights, Parking Lights, Xenon White Color

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SKU 10-088-White
  • (2 pieces) T10/T15 LED replacement bulbs powered by (10) 6000K xenon white high power 5W XB-D CREE LED lights
  • 360-degree illuminating with 2-piece CREE LED lights on top with 3x magnify projector lens plus 8 pieces CREE LED lights on the sides
  • Extremely bright with a raw 750 lumens lighting output
  • Size: 1.77" long and 0.50" in diameter, replace the OEM 902 904 906 912 920 921 W16W bulbs for backup reverse lights or 168 194 2825 bulbs for parking lights

When a conventional LED bulb is not enough, you need an entirely new revamped introductive line of iJDMTOY black series LED bulbs. These iJDMTOY-only black series 50W CREE high power T10 LED bulb is good as back up reverse lights or parking lights. The 3x magnifying lens is an epic projector that blasts light like a torch and when you combine that with the 8 pieces of CREE LED lights on the side, you will be able to experience the famed 360 degrees all-around illumination that car fans have been raving about.

The iJDMTOY black series is an exclusive line of LED bulbs that are a higher echelon than the standard line. It's like buying a car with a premium trim - you can just feel every bit of difference exuding from the high-end line. You can only find the black series line at iJDMTOY.

This black series gives your bulb housing a color-blocking look to contrast the lens cover for a modern, defined style. If you see the black series out on the road, you know it's iJDMTOY.

Questions & Answers

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does this fit a 2016 accord?

According to Osram Sylvania, it shows your vehicle uses a 921 for the reverse light. However, please physically check your bulb size in your vehicle because Osram Sylvania is not always 100% accurate.

If it does use a 921, these LEDs should be compatible.

Are they compatible with a 2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0

The LED light that you're inquiring about can be used for the parking light or back up reverse lights. If you're installing it on the back up reverse lights on your 2018 Accord then it will fit, according to Osram Sylvania. However, this information is not 100% accurate so we highly recommend checking your OEM bulb part number to ensure the correct size and fitment prior to purchasing.

Does this comes with 2 pieces for 1 quantity only? Kinda seems confusing to me.

These LED reverse/parking light bulbs come in a pair (2 pieces).

For a 2009 jaguar xf what type of led light would I need for my parking l

According to Osram Sylvania, it shows your vehicle uses bulb size 2825 for the parking lights. However, please physically check the bulb size in your vehicle because Osram Sylvania is not always 100% accurate. 

If it does, check out this set: https://store.ijdmtoy.com/collections/12v-car-led-replacement-light-bulbs/products/t10-led-car-bulbs-10-069-white