White/Amber Switchback LED DRL Fog Light Kit For 2017-2020 Ford Raptor, 5-Lamp Assembly w/ Turn Signal Feature

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SKU 70-845-Switchback
  • Fit 2017-2020 2nd Gen Ford Raptor (does not fit standard Ford F150 nor aftermarket Raptor-style bumper)
  • Powered by a combined 30 pieces of xenon white LED diodes for daytime running lights and 30 pieces amber yellow LED diodes for additional turn signal lighting
  • 5pc spotlight array housed by a stylish piano black gloss finish bezel to seamless fit onto the Gen2 Ford Raptor lower bumper side opening areas
  • Much cleaner/rigid fitment than LED pods or LED light bar, give your Ford Raptor a one-of-a-kind look that enhances its natural aggressive rugged body style with powerful dual color LED lighting fit for both daily driven and off-road to complete RULE THE NIGHT!

Maximize the potential of your Ford Raptor. Utilize its flexible lower bumper openings to make your Ford pick-up the complete package by adding a set of LED daytime running/turn signal lamps!

This page features the 5-lamp white/amber switchback LED daytime running lights with turn signals exclusively fit for the 2017-2020 Ford F-150 Raptor. Please note this LED DRL turn signal set will NOT fit in the standard Ford F-150 or aftermarket Raptor-style bumpers.

Each powerful and stylish LED daytime running lamp presents five LED lamps arranged in a spotlight display. The Ford Raptor LED DRL turn signal assembly is powered by a combined 30 pieces of xenon white LED chips running as daytime running lights and 30 pieces of amber yellow LED chips running as turn signal lights. Between the two LED lamps, that is a total of 60 LED emitters to give you the most vibrant and powerful shine!

The white/amber LED daytime running turn signal assembly flashes in switchback fashion, lighting up in white as DRLs by default. When engaging your turn signals, the Ford Raptor LED lamp assembly exclusively flashes in amber yellow until you complete your turn or merge, switching back to a running xenon white light.

Housed in a piano black glossy finish, the switchback LED daytime running lights with turn signal functionality fits seamlessly in your Ford Raptor's fog light opening, giving your robust Ford pick-up truck a full-bodied appearance. So if you are looking to give your F-150 Raptor a true one-of-a-kind look and aggressive LED lighting for daily driving and off-roading, look no further than the switchback LED daytime running turn signal lights!

See the switchback white/amber LED DRL turn signal assembly in action: (youtu.be/Sm8cDEyUx6s) Also check out how to install them on your Ford Raptor: (youtu.be/Tvs9VbeYUFo)

Questions & Answers

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Can this fit a aftermarket raptor bumper.

This kit is NOT recommended for the standard Ford F150 nor aftermarket Raptor-style bumper.

how do i find installation instructions for the wiring? this will tell me whether i can do it or I must have a shop do it.

Check out this short video of the installation process:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tvs9VbeYUFo&feature=youtu.be

There are a total of 5 wires with this kit: 

RED WIRE- When it comes to the red wire, it really depends on when you would like the white light to come on. Most customers tap into the ACC (fuse box) just so when the car goes on, the lights will too and when the car goes off, the lights will too. You can also tap into the headlight positive wire so when the headlights go on, so will these lights.

BLACK WIRE- Goes to any negative or ground connection.

WHITE WIRE- This wire is optional, it is a dimming feature that taps into the headlight + wire. 

BLUE & YELLOW WIRE- These 2 wires go to the turn signal + wire, one on each side.

A customer previously mentioned right turn signal is a yellow wire found on your vehicle and left side is a purple wire.

Qty. mean one light or one pair?

The price is for the pair of lights.

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