35W Ultra Slim Digital Ballasts Xenon HID Conversion Kit For Headlight or Fog Light Upgrade

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  • Waterproof Ultra Slim Digital 35w HID Ballasts
  • Plug and play installation
  • Available in Single and Bi-Xenon HID bulb sizes
  • All the common fog light and headlight bulb sizes are available
  • Available colors: golden yellow 3000K, oem 4300K, ultra white 6000K, brilliant blue 8000K, deep blue 10000K, violet purple 12000K
  • Content: 2x xenon HID bulbs, 2x 35W HID ballasts, 1x relay harness (included when purchasing out bi-xenon bulb sizes)
  • How To Install Xenon Headlamp Kit
  • How To Install HID Relay Harness

Our iJDMTOY 35w Xenon Headlamp Kit is best way to increase the output of your headlights or fog lights to see better at night. The Xenon Headlamp Kit will convert the factory equipped incandescent halogen lights into something similar to what you would find on many higher end luxury vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, and more!

HID stands for high intensity discharge and is a much more efficient at turning electricity into usable light output compared to factory halogen bulbs. They last much longer and provide 3-5 times more light output than them too. Our HID conversion kits consume less power while providing more light at the same time. Our Ultra Slim Digital HID ballasts have an embedded electronic chipset that regulates the electrical current to make sure the input to the HID bulb is stable at all times which helps improve the HID bulb's lifespan by 30%. Our ballasts also feature the best and latest reverse polarity protection and shock protection system which reduces installation issues and improves longevity. The installation is virtually fail-safe and is plug and play.

Cross Reference Guide

  • H4 is equivalent 9003 and HB2
  • H11 is equivalent to H8 and H9
  • H13 is equivalent to 9008
  • 9004 is equivalent to 9007 and HB5
  • 9005 is equivalent to H10, 9145, 9140, and HB3
  • 9006 is equivalent to 9012 and HB4
  • 5202 is equivalent to 2504, 9009, and H16

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