Super Bright 66-SMD Xenon White or Amber Yellow Z4 Style LED Illuminating Rings For Nissan 350Z 370Z Side Markers

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SKU 80-160-White
  • Compatible with 2003-2009 Nissan Z33 350z and 2009-2020 Nissan Z34 370z
  • 0.05" paper-thin LED ring for a flush appearance, compared to Evo-R's bulky look
  • Made with super bright side glow amber LED diodes with special IP65 water resistant treatment
  • Install by removing the original side markers, sticking the LED ring behind and mounting the side marker back; some wiring actions required

Underglow is probably the sweetest JDM touch you can give to your custom ride. So what better way to present your Z car and your pride than with the Z4 style illuminating rings?

This page features the pair of super bright 66-SMD xenon white or amber yellow Z4 style LED illuminating rings made to fit the following Nissan vehicles:

  • 2003-2009 Nissan Z33 350z
  • 2009-2020 Nissan Z34 370z

This xenon white or amber yellow LED ring is only 0.05 inches thin, making it practically invisible when applied under your Z emblem, compared to the Evo-R's bulky appearance. You won't have to worry about this Nissan Z emblem backlight from shorting out by water since each LED ring gets an IP65 water resistant treatment. The installation will involve removing your original side markers, applying the white LED emblem light rings behind, and mounting the side markers back. Because this is a highly retrofit LED light, modifications such as wiring, cutting, and gluing may be required.

With a xenon white or amber yellow LED backlight on your Z side markers, your 350z or 370z gets the coolest accent that will turn heads and break necks!

Please visit Headlight LED angel eye FAQ/tech support for more detail.

Questions & Answers

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do you have instructiosn how to wire this. None were in the box

When it comes to the red wire, it really depends on when you would like the LEDs to come on. Most customers tap into the ACC (fuse box) just so when the car goes on, the lights will too and when the car goes off, the lights will too. 

You can also tap into the headlight positive wire so when the headlights go on, so will these lights.

The black wire would need to be tapped into any negative/ground.

Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm which colored wire you would need to tap to since each car does have a different colored wire. You would just need to test each wire to see which is the positive wire.