7-Color RGB LED Angel Eye Halo Rings For 2007-up Jeep Wrangler JK Headlight and Fog Lamps Retrofit with Wireless Remote Control

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SKU 80-215
  • Content: 4 pieces of RGB LED halo rings with radio frequency wireless remote control for color change, flash pattern and bright/dim change
  • Powered by 204 pieces high quality 5050 RGB LED lights and two times brighter than any conventional RGB rings on the market
  • Radio wave remote wireless with 16 different color changing with available colors red/green/blue/amber/magenta/cyan/white in set
  • Note: bake/open headlamps required, recommend professional installation

This page features a 4 piece set of 7-Color RGB Multi-Color LED Angel Eyes Kit with a radio frequency remote control that's good for the 2007-up Jeep Wrangler to decorate both the headlamps and the fog lamps.

Note: Installing this item will heavily involve modifications on your part. Retrofitting actions may include, but not limited to, baking open the headlamps, cutting, drilling, and adding additional brackets to mount the LED rings. We highly recommend getting this professionally installed, which may cost an additional fee.

To power up the module box, connect the red wire to a 12V power source (+). Connect the black wire to a ground connection. Make sure you do not mix these two wires up; connecting the two wires incorrectly (e.g. tapping the black wire to a positive connection and the red wire to a ground) may result in permanently damaging the module box.

Please visit Headlight LED angel eye FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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