4pc Concept M4 Iconic Style RGB Multi-Color LED Angel Eye Kit w/Smart Phone WIFI Remote Controller For BMW 2 3 4 5 Series Headlight Retrofit

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SKU 80-223-RGB
  • All new BMW Concept M4 Iconic style LED angel eye headlight kit
  • 4 pieces RGB multi-color LED circuit boards powered by combined 150 pieces 5050 RGB SMD LED diodes plus Smartphone WIFI controller; control RGB lighting with your iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Perfect for the BMW 2 3 4 5 Series' custom headlights retrofit (Please note: there are bake open headlamp, drilling, wiring and other modifications required)
  • Give your Bimmer an awesome and unique style and look

If you are looking for the most dynamic and trendy look to add to your BMW, look no further than the sharp concept M4 style LED angel eye headlight kit!

This page features the 4-piece set of M4 style RGB LED angel eye kit perfect for retrofitting the following BMW models:

  • BMW 2, 3, 4, & 5 Series

Please note that installation will involve retrofitting and modification actions such as baking open your headlights, drilling, and wiring. We highly recommend going to a professional to install these RGB LED rings.

The 4-piece multi-color LED circuit board set is powered by a total of 150 pieces of 5050 RGB LED emitters for incredible brightness and vibrant color. Each RGB LED diode is made up of 3 chips inside; 1 red, 1 green, and 1 blue. Each M4 style RGB LED headlight set comes included with a WIFI controller box which allows you to use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a remote control.

To power up the WIFI controller, connect the red wire to a 12V power source (+). Connect the black wire to a ground connection. Make sure you do not mix these two wires up; connecting the two wires incorrectly (e.g. tapping the black wire to a positive connection and the red wire to a ground) may result in permanently damaging the module box.

With the flexibility to choose your color shine and flashing pattern, your BMW wields the unique and iconic M4 style headlights that are sure to turn heads!

Please visit Headlight LED angel eye FAQ/tech support for more detail.

Questions & Answers

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Can I still have regular color lights or is it only rgb.

Once the mobile app to control the lights is downloaded, you'll see that the set can have features of a solid color to many other patterns.