Strobe/Flashing Feature Red 10-SMD 921 912 LED Replacement Bulb For Chevrolet Dodge Ford GMC Nissan Toyota Truck High Mount 3rd Brake Light

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SKU 10-112-Red
  • (1) brilliant red 912 906 908 920 921 926 T15 LED replacement bulb
  • Powered by 10 pieces of high powered SMD LED diodes
  • Special strobe/flashing design; a continuous cycle of three strobes and pause while brakes are applied
  • Great as an upgrade from stock brake lights for brighter output and special strobe function
  • This strobe/flash LED bulb is about 2-inch long, 40% longer than the OEM 921/908 bulb. Please make sure your truck's third brake lamp is deep enough before buying it. (You can use a pen or even a finger to measure the depth.)

To make your pick up truck a truly special and one of a kind vehicle, start by strobing your high mounted brake light! 

This page features a single brilliant red strobe LED third brake light replacement bulb. Sized to fit 912, 906, 908, 920, 921, 926, and T15 light sockets, the strobe/flash LED brake light bulb is made to fit many trucks such as Nissan, Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, and Dodge. 

Each strobing LED brake light bulb is made up of (10) pieces of high powered SMD LED emitters to create a brilliant shine that drivers behind you cannot miss. The flashing feature is activated by applying your brakes, creating a short strobe and pause cycle until you release your brakes. The strobe effect will last a few seconds. The flashing red LED 3rd brake light bulb is ideal for upgrading your brightness output from your truck's factory brake light. Strobing your 3rd brake light will ensure that drivers behind you know you're braking. Brake in style and make your pick up truck one of a kind!

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Does this work as a replacement for a stock bulb without adding a special module for the flashing effect?

The LED bulbs have a built-in flasher feature so it doesn't need anything additional. Once you have replaced it with your stock bulb it will flash when you step onto the brake.

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