Clear or Smoked Lens Full LED Front Turn Signal Light Assy For 2013-16 Scion FR-S, Xenon White LED Stripe For DRL & Full Amber LED Blinker

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  • Clear or smoked lens
  • 12 pieces amber yellow LED bulbs for turn signal light; Xenon white 3D fiber optics LED for parking light
  • Dual colors design to stay 100% street legal with a perfect style
  • Plug and play for the turn signal light portion (plug to original socket)

This page feature these all new full LED front turn signal lamps with 3D fiber optics xenon LED parking light assemblies for 2013-2016 Scion FR-S.

The dual-color LED assemblies directly replace the entire stock incandescent 7443 turn signal lamps with a complete and beautiful LED makeover.

You can visit How to Install 2013-2016 Scion FRS LED Front Turn Signal Light for a detailed installation guide.


Please visit LED turn signal blinker FAQ/tech support for more detail.

Questions & Answers

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Where do the red and black for the daytime run lights go to?

When it comes to the red wire, it really depends on when you would like the white light to come on. Most customers tap into the ACC (fuse box) just so when the car goes on, the lights will too and when the car goes off, the lights will too. You can also tap into the headlight positive wire so when the headlights go on, so will these lights.

The black wire would need to be tapped into a ground/negative source.

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