Red Lens 33-SMD LED Bumper Reflector Lights For 17-up Toyota C-HR, Function as Tail, Brake & Rear Fog Lamps

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SKU 75-424-Red
  • Fit 2017-up Toyota C-HR
  • Each red reflective lens is powered by 33 pieces brilliant red high power LED diodes
  • Direct fit replacement of the factory stock bulb-less reflector lens with additional functions such as rear fog light, add-on tail/brake light
  • Please note there are some wiring required, simply route the LED bumper reflector's wires to the vehicle tail lamp and tap them to the ground/tail light/brake light accordingly

The Toyota C-HR has a surprisingly sporty appearance. With its aggressive tail end design, many people would do a double take seeing one on the road. To boost its sport exterior feel, you'll want to get this set of LED bumper reflector fog lights!

This page features the brilliant red 33-SMD LED bumper reflector marker lights/rear fog lamps made to fit the 2017-up Toyota C-HR. Made to replace your C-HR's lower bumper reflectors, each LED reflector fog lamp is powered by 33 pieces of brilliant red LED emitters encased by a red reflective lens. While retaining bumper reflecting capabilities, this pair of rear LED bumper reflector fog lights also function as a tail light by default and shine brightly as an extra set brake lamps. With a multifunction array of LED lights in an aggressive looking housing, your Toyota C-HR reaches new sporty heights that will catch many eyes on the road!

You can visit How to Install 2017-up Toyota C-HR LED Rear Bumper Reflector Fog/Brake Light for a detailed installation guide.


Please visit LED bumper reflector FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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