Red or Smoked Lens 60-SMD LED Bumper Reflector Lights For 2013-2015 Honda Civic Sedan, Function as Tail, Brake & Rear Fog Lamps

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SKU 75-431-Red
  • Compatible for 2013-2015 9th Gen Honda Civic 4-Door sedan including the SI models (Does not fit the 2-door coupe)
  • Complete with left and right red or smoked reflective lens, each powered by 30 pieces of brilliant red high intensity LED diodes (total 60 pieces SMD LEDs)
  • Direct fit replacement of the factory stock bulb-less reflector lens with additional functions such as rear fog light, add-on tail/brake light
  • Please note there are some wiring required, simply route the LED bumper reflector's wires to the vehicle tail lamp and tap them to the ground/tail light/brake light accordingly

Bumper reflectors are often the most overlooked piece of equipment on a car despite it being one of the most important in terms of being seen at night. There is no helping its low placement on the rear lower bumper which makes them harder to see. You can brighten up your bumper reflectors AND give your Honda Civic a stylish touch with the full LED bumper reflector tail/brake running fog lights!

This page features the complete 60-SMD red or smoked lens full LED bumper reflector tail/brake & fog lights made to fit the 9th generation 2013-2015 Honda Civic sedan. Please note this LED product will NOT fit the coupe body of the same model years. The LED kit comes complete with two reflective-lens LED bumper reflector lights for the left and right side. Each Honda Civic reflector LED lamp is powered by 30 pieces of brilliant red high intensity LED diodes for a combined total of 60 SMD LEDs to give your Honda Civic tail end a vibrant red shine. You can easily and directly replace your non-lighting bumper reflectors thanks to the OEM spec mounting design and upgrade to an LED tail, running fog, and stop light which shines brighter when applying your brakes. With the red or smoked lens full LED bumper reflector tail lights, your 9th gen Honda Civic sedan will realize its potential and sport a unique, eye-catching look with added safety features!

Please visit LED bumper reflector FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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Do these come in a pair or single?

These LED reflectors are sold as a pair.

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