C6 High Power LED Headlights - H11 H8 H9 or 9005 9006 Bulb Size - 6000K Xenon White, Powered By COB LED with Fan/Heatsink

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SKU 40-843-White
  • Pair of C6 high powered LED headlight bulbs, powered by COB LED in H11 H8 H9 or 9005 9006 size
  • 6000K xenon white with 8000 lumens total (4000 lumens per LED bulb) lighting output
  • Comes with a fan heatsink to dissipate heat and prolong the lifespan of LED
  • Specially designed shape with perfect precision to give your LED bulb the optimal beam pattern

This page features a pair of C6 high powered COB LED headlight bulbs in a gorgeous 6000K xenon white with premium 8000 lumens (4000 lumens per LED bulb) lighting output. Each LED bulb comes with a fan heatsink to dissipate heat so you can prolong the lifespan of your LED bulb. The specially designed shape is crafted with perfect precision, giving your LED headlight bulb the optimal beam pattern to project light outward and give you superior visibility.

Installation Tips

  • The adapters are polar sensitive. Make sure that you connect the adapters in the correct orientation in order for the LED headlights to light up
  • Make sure that your headlight housing has enough room to accommodate the LED bulb and the fan in the back.
  • After installation, you will hear the sound of the fan circulating. This is normal and means that your LED bulb works accordingly
  • For maintenance, clean the fan every 3-4 months with an air canister to blow out any dust or debris that has accumulated in the fan. This maintenance prolongs the lifespan of the LED bulb

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