30W 6000K Xenon White High Power HID Equivalent H4 H7 H8 H9 H11 9003 9005 9006 HB2 HB3 HB4 LED Headlight System

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SKU 89-605-White
  • 1 set (2 pieces) 30W high power COB LED headlight bulbs with an amazing 3200 lumens raw lighting output
  • Good for headlights (low beam or high beam), fog lights and driving DRL lights
  • Special FAN-Less design: flexible, expandable tinned copper-braided heatsinks to quickly and efficiently extract the heat directly from the LED to keep it cool and make sure the long lasting with no further maintaining needed
  • 6000K xenon white color, bulb size: H11 H8 H9, 9005/HB3, H10, 9145 9150 9155 9140 9040, 9006 9012 HB4, H7 or H4 9003 HB2

This page features a brand new, high powered LED headlight system that's powered by 2 pieces of super bright 30W COB LED lights, with one on each side as well as a raw 3200 lumens output. This LED headlight system is great for headlights, driving DRL lights, and fog lights.

What makes this LED headlight system unique is the special copper braided heat sinks for heat dissipation and extraction. This keeps the LED light cool and makes sure that the lifespan is extended with no maintenance required. Conventional LED kits use a cooling fan which has the tendency to break and cause the LED light to overheat and malfunction.

After you install your new LED bulb into the housing, all you need to do is expand all of the copper heat sink fins to maximize surface area and help the contraption extract heat.

Questions & Answers

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Will this product function as drl on a reduced high beam element. 2010 honda fit?

These LED lights can be used to replace 9005 high beam DRL lights. However, most vehicles do need a special LED DRL decoder to allow the bulbs to light up fully and properly on both DRL and high beam modes. With this decoder, the LED lights will turn on at full capacity on DRL mode so its brightness will be the same on high beams. We currently do not have a special LED DRL decoder setup that had been tested to confirm compatibility for the 2010 Honda Fit.

Are these error free bulbs for a 2019 VW Tiguan SEL Premium R-Line 4 Motion

These LED bulbs are not error-free. You will more than likely need decoders that can be found here: https://store.ijdmtoy.com/search?type=article%2Cpage%2Cproduct&q=decoders*

To confirm which size you need, we recommend checking your stock bulbs for the correct size.

Do you need a ballast to run the H7 LED's

You do not need ballasts to power up the LED lights. The LED headlight kit comes with with a decoder already attached.