360-Degree Shine 69-SMD-1210 H7 H11 9005 9006 5202 P13W LED Bulbs For Fog Lights or High Beam Daytime Running Lights

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SKU 40-054-White
  • 69-SMD 1210 LED diodes per bulb
  • Plug and play with the factory housing
  • 360 degrees illumination
  • Great for fog light or daytime light

Our iJDMTOY 68-SMD LED Bulbs are the perfect upgrades for any vehicle using H7 H8 H10 H11 9005 9006 5202 or P13W sized bulbs in their fog lights or daytime running lights to improve the overall look of the light. Get rid of the dull and bland factory incandescent halogen bulb yellow color and get the HID/Xenon look without paying the same price with these LED replacement bulbs.

Please keep in mind that for European vehicles and daytime running light applications may require our LED DRL Decoders or Error Free Decoder Wiring Kit to prevent any error messages or flickering issues.

This LED bulb is not designed for headlight illumination purpose, you can only use it for fog light or daytime light.

  • Replace H7 (Size: 1.64" in length and 0.7" in diameter)
  • Replace H11 or similar like H8 H9 (Size: 1.64" in length and 0.7" in diameter)
  • Replace 9005/9006/H10 or similar bulbs like 9140 9145 HB3, 9012 HB4 (Size: 1.64" in length and 0.7" in diameter)
  • Replace 5202 similar sized bulbs like 9009 PSX24W 2504 etc (Size: 1.30" in length and 0.66" in diameter)
  • Replace P13W (Size: 1.75" in length and 0.67" in diameter)

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These LED bulbs are not canbus or error-free.

Will these fit my 2004 Toyota Camry high beam/ DRL bulb housing?

According to Osram Sylvania, it shows your vehicle uses a 9005 for the DRL/high beam. However, please physically check your bulb size in your vehicle because Osram Sylvania is not always 100% accurate.

If so, we do have these bulbs available in 9005. Keep in mind, some vehicles require a decoder setup when installing LEDs into their DRL/high beams. If that is the case with your vehicle, unfortunately, we do not have a known compatible decode set that would work.

Also, the intensity of the light will be the same with both the DRLs and the high beam. It will not get brighter on the high beams as your halogen bulbs do. These LEDs are more for looks and do not give up lighting output.

In my cart is the 6000k ds4 bulb and the 9006 led. Will the color be the same?

The color temperature of LED and HID are slightly different so it won't be an exact color match, but it will still be pretty close - white with a slight hint of blue.

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