Strobe/Flashing Feature Red 15-SMD LED Replacement Bulb For 2012-2021 Honda Civic Sedan Third Brake Light

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SKU 20-091-Red
  • Fit 2012-2021 9th and 10th Gen Honda Civic Sedan with standard rear windshield incandescent 3rd brake light (does NOT fit Si or Type-R models)
  • Powered by 15 pieces high power brilliant red 3030-SMD LED emitters
  • Specially designed flashing strobe feature; the LED bulb will strobe and pause for 5 cycles then light up solid
  • Great as an upgrade from stock brake lights for brighter output and special strobe function

If you are looking to make your Honda Civic's tail end attractive, start simple with LED lighting by giving your rear 3rd brake light a super bright upgrade with strobe effects!

This page features the strobe/flashing feature red 15-SMD LED 3rd brake replacement bulb made to fit the 2012-2021 Honda Civic sedan. It will NOT fit in Si or Type-R models. The rear red LED brake light bulb is compatible with sedan models without rear spoilers and upgraded 3rd brake lights.

You will get (1) strobe/flash LED light bulb that is powered by 15 pieces of high power brilliant red 3030-SMD LED emitters for powerful output as you brake. Each red LED replacement bulb is specially designed with a strobing feature. Apply your brakes to start the quick flash and pause effect. After the five cycles, the red LED light bulb will run solid until you release your brakes.

The brilliant red strobe LED light bulb is the ideal upgrade for your Honda Civic's tail end, giving it a brighter light and an awesome brake signal that makes for a striking appearance!

Note: If your strobe/flashing brilliant red LED brake/tail lamp does not light up at first, unplug the LED replacement bulb to flip it 180 degrees and try again.

Please visit Indicator light LED bulbs FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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Will this fit my 2022 Honda Civic sport third brake light

This item is only recommended for the 2012-2021 Honda Civic Sedan.

I bought two of this bulbs for my tail lights on my 2017 Honda Civic hatchback. Will the bulbs fit on my tail lights? I’m not buying it for my third tail light.

This strobe/flashing LED replacement bulbs are specifically designed to fit for the 2012-up 9th and 10th Gen Honda Civic Sedan 3rd brake light only.

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