Strobe/Flashing Featured Red 15-SMD 7443/T20 LED Replacement Bulbs For Brake/Tail Lights

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SKU 20-092-Red
  • Powered by 15 pieces super bright LED chipsets
  • Specially designed flashing strobe feature; the LED bulb will strobe and pause for 5 cycles then light up solid
  • Replace stock 7443 7444 T20 double filament incandescent bulbs
  • Replace most Japanese cars such as Acura Honda Infiniti Lexus Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Scion Toyota, etc using 7443/7444/T20 bulbs for tail/brake lights

The ultimate red colored LED brake or tail light comes in the form of the strobe/flashing red 15-SMD 7443/T20 LED replacement bulbs!

The red LED brake/tail replacement bulbs are made with 15 SMD LED diodes, which feature a special strobing/flashing effect. Apply your brakes to start the quick flash and pause effect. After the five cycles, the red LED light bulb will run solid until you release your brakes. Check out the preview in the video link here:

This strobing red LED light bulb will replace your 7443 or T20 brake or tail light bulb in most Japanese brand makes such as Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, or Toyota.

If your strobe/flashing brilliant red LED brake/tail lamp does not light up at first, unplug the LED replacement bulb to flip it 180 degrees and try again.

Please visit Indicator light LED bulbs FAQ/tech support for more detail.

Questions & Answers

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Will they fit 2020 civic hatchback sport?

To confirm fitment, please remove your OEM bulb and check to see if it is a 7443/T20 bulb. If it is, this bulb would be compatible.

How long do they last?

With LED lights you're looking at 20,000 working hours.