No Resistor Required 21W 7440/7443 Switchback Amber LED Turn Signal, Xenon White LED Daytime Running Light Conversion Kit

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SKU 20-101-Switchback
  • Powered by 12 pieces ZES LED diodes
  • Enable front turn signal lamp with xenon white LED as daytime running lights and amber yellow LED turn signal
  • Specially designed with a built-in resistor to prevent hyper flash, no need to add additional resistors
  • Fit most Acura Cadillac Chevy Dodge Ford Honda Infiniti Jeep Lexus Mazda Nissan Scion Subaru Toyota use 7440 front turn signal bulbs

For the quintessential light mod, add switchback LED lighting to your ride!

This page features the no resistor required 21W switchback LED conversion kit made to fit in 7440 or 7443 light sockets.

Each high powered LED bulb is powered by 12 pieces of ZES LED diodes, shining in both xenon white and amber yellow. With this LED conversion kit, you'll be able to enable your front turn signal lamps to run with white LED as daytime running lights and amber LED as turn signal lights. Never worry about any hyper flashing issues thanks to the built-in resistors for a simple installation process with no additional resistors required.

With this LED conversion kit, your ride will gain that extra IT factor touch that will wow those you drive by!

Please visit Indicator light LED bulbs FAQ/tech support for more detail.

Questions & Answers

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How do I know if these will work on my car? also how do you install them?

This is a 7440/7443 bulb size. It will work on your vehicle if the bulb you are replacing is also 7440 or 7443. The turn signal lens must be clear otherwise the white lights on these bulbs will not be visible. To install, you just plug the adapter to the stock harness and tap the red wire to any 12V power source such as ACC 12V+ spot in the fuse box, or headlights/parking lights depending on when you want the white lights to come on.

Have an existing ijdm no hyper flash at the rear turn signal but would this switchback led wont create hyper flash when installed in front turn signal? When combined all together.

When you install LED turn signal light bulbs that don't require resistors on both the front and the back of the vehicle, the total wattage may not pass the threshold and therefore, may cause hyper flash. In this case, we recommend installing resistors for the front or rear so it doesn't hyper flash.