Lower Grille Mount 40" LED Light Bar Kit For 2009-18 Dodge RAM 1500 Express w/Sport Bumper, (1) 240W Curved LED Lightbar, Mounting Brackets & Wiring

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  • Fit 2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Express w/ the plastic sport bumper only
  • Complete LED light bar kit includes (1) 40-42" xenon white 240W high power spot beam LED lightbar, (1) set of industry grade steel metal constructed lower grille location/area bracket mounts and (1) set of relay wire harness w/ in-line fuse and on/off switch
  • Easy-to-install LED light bar kit features a 100% bolt-on installation procedures (need to remove the lower bumper plastic cover)
  • Clevely utilize the lower bumper opening area to install this killer bright off-road LED light bar with excellent lighting whenever you need it to RULE THE NIGHT!

This page features an extra long 42" LED light bar with high power 240W double-row curved LED light bar and lower bumper mounting brackets and On/Off switch wiring kit for the 2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Express (Sport Bumper) only. This LED light bar will give your Dodge RAM a super rugged and powerful look and you will get plenty of high powered LED lighting so that you can take your truck off-roading or to do some tough work. This Dodge RAM 1500 Express LED light bar is a definite must have for the driver who needs a ton of light from their truck, as well as a reliable LED light bar for work related use.

The LED light bar only fits the Express (sport bumper) with one open piece at the lower bumper. For installation purposes, you will need to remove the one piece plastic trim in the lower bumper location as well as the existing tow hook if it is attached.

Note: White truck in gallery has painted the LED light bar to their specifications.

Q: Is this LED light bar system compatible with my vehicle?

A: The 42" 240W high powered double-row curved LED light bar is compatible with the 2009 and up Dodge RAM 1500 Express (sport bumper only)


Q: How do I install the LED lightbar onto my Dodge RAM?

A: Before you begin, you will need to remove the plastic trim and the tow hooks in order to install the LED light bar. The following steps will show you how to mount the metal supporting brackets onto your Dodge RAM 1500 Express:

Step 1: Remove the plastic piece from the lower bumper opening. The picture below shows the screws that you will be fastening the metal brackets onto.

Step 2: Attach both of the mounting brackets together, as shown in the diagram below.

Step 3: Secure the metal, L-shaped bracket set back onto the screws on the Dodge RAM. Bolt onto either the first or the second open hole, depending on how high or low you want your LED light bar to be. Make sure this bracket assembly is mounted to the 2 outer screws indicated in step 1.

Step 4: Bolt on the mounting bracket the same way the sample prototype is mounted in the picture. Make sure you secure the L-shaped bracket in place so that it can hold the LED light bar in place. Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side.

Step 5: Mount the LED light bar in between the two support brackets.

Step 6: Adjust the angle of the LED light bar to your liking. We recommend having the LED light bar set on top of the bumper.


Please visit LED light bar kit FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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Can this be controlled using a smart phone app?

This LED light bar cannot be controlled with an app.

Hi is fit on ram 1500 classic 2020

This LED light bar is compatible with the 2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Express w/ the plastic sport bumper only.

it didnt come with wiring instructions,how does it install(wiring)

What is the warranty on this product

At iJDMTOY, we offer a 90 day limited warranty period for manufacture defects.

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