Front Grille 20" LED Light Bar Kit For 2015-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Rebel, (1) 120W High Power LED Lightbar, Grill Front Mounting Brackets & Wiring Switch

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  • Fit 2015-2018 Dodge RAM Rebel edition (will NOT fit standard RAM 1500 2500 3500 grille)
  • Complete LED light bar kit includes (1) 20-21" xenon white 120W high power spot beam LED lightbar, (1) set of industry grade steel constructed grill mesh mount brackets and (1) set of relay wire harness w/ in-line fuse and on/off switch
  • Easy-to-install LED light bar kit features a 100% bolt-on installation procedures with no modification, cutting or drilling required
  • The LED light bar front grille mount kit will give your Dodge RAM Rebel a rugged off-road appearance with excellent lighting whenever you need it to RULE THE NIGHT!

Your RAM Rebel is truly a significant truck on the road, or off it. Rivaling the Ford F-150 Raptor in terms of visible aggressiveness, its unique grille design is polarizing and can be spotted a mile away in a crowd of conventional trucks. Rugged? Check. Powerful? Check. Full of light? This is where the 20" LED light bar comes in.

This page features the 20" 120W high powered double row LED light bar made to fit the 2015-2018 RAM 1500 Rebel edition. Please note this LED light bar will NOT fit the standard RAM 1500, 2500, or 3500 grilles. Each high powered lighting kit will include (1) 20" 120W double-row LED light bar, a specially designed cradle mounting bracket, and a relay wiring harness with on/off switch. Our exclusively designed light bar mounting bracket allows you to set the LED light bar in front of your distinctive grille, blending in seamlessly and giving a flush fit appearance. Mount the LED light bar easily without the need to drill, cut, or do other modifications. With the 20" LED light bar in front of your grille, Your RAM Rebel greatly boosts its rugged and aggressive look as it drives down the road and will give you all the light you need to see and stay safe!

Q: What truck will this LED light bar fit on?

A: The 20" 120W double row LED light bar is made to fit on the grille of the 2015-2018 RAM 1500 Rebel edition. It will NOT fit the standard RAM 1500, 2500, or the 3500. You can visit How to Install 2015-2018 RAM 1500 Rebel LED Light Bar for more details.


Q: Will this LED light bar block the air flow?

A: No. Because the LED light bar is mounted below the RAM name badge, air flow will not be blocked; it can flow through other parts of the grille as well as the lower bumper grille.


Q: Do I absolutely need a relay harness wiring kit?

A: Although it's not absolutely necessary to wire your LED light bar to a relay harness, we highly recommend that you do so if you don't have one already. Connecting your LED light bar to a relay harness will protect your RAM's circuits, since the relay harness has a built-in fuse, and ensures that it doesn't overload. Having your LED light bar connected to a relay harness protects your car battery's longevity; turning your car off also turns off the LED light bar. Additionally, our relay harnesses come with an on/off switch so that you can conveniently switch on/off your LED light bar whenever you need to.

Please visit LED light bar kit FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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Will this fit 2020 Ram Power Wagon?

This LED light bar is only compatible with the 2015-2018 Dodge RAM Rebel edition (will NOT fit standard RAM 1500 2500 3500 grille).

Will this work on an aftermarket rebel grill?

The LED light bar kit will not fit on an aftermarket grille.