LED Light Bar Fog Lamp Kit For 2017-2020 Ford Raptor, (2) 50W High Power CREE LED Light Bars, Lower Bumper Opening Mounting Brackets & Switch Wiring

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  • Fit 2017-2020 2nd Gen Ford F150 Raptor
  • Complete kit comes with (2) 50W high power CREE LED lightbars with specially designed industries grade full metal bracket mounts and extra long in-line fuse on/off switch relay wires
  • Fit the single row light bars inside the Raptor lower bumper opening area
  • Give your Ford Raptor an awesome rugged off-road look both day and night!

This page features the 100W high power CREE LED light bar fog lamp kit for the 2017-2020 Ford Raptor

The complete set includes (2) 50W high powered CREE LED light bars, a pair of specially designed metal mounting brackets, and relay wiring harness with on/off switch.

The 100W LED light bars fit inside the lower bumper opening area of the 2017-2020 Ford F150 Raptor. Give your Raptor a super rugged and high powered look that stands out day and night!

Q: What vehicles will this LED fog light fit in?

A: The 100W High Power CREE LED Light Bar Fog Lamp will fit in the 2nd generation 2017-2020 Ford F-150 Raptor.


Q: Is there any modification required to install this LED lightbar fog lamp?

A: There is no modification required in this installation of the LED light bar fog light. Installing will involve mounting using existing holes and connecting a wiring harness in between the LED fog light and your Ford Raptor's power source.


Q: Do I absolutely need a relay harness wiring kit?

A: Although it's not absolutely necessary to wire your LED light bar foglamp to a relay harness, we highly recommend that you do so if you don't have one already. Connecting your LED light bar foglamp to a relay harness will protect your Ford truck's circuits, since the relay harness has a built-in fuse, and ensures that it doesn't overload. Having your LED light bar foglamp connected to a relay harness protects your car battery's longevity; turning your car off also turns off the LED light bar foglamp. Additionally, our relay harnesses come with an on/off switch so that you can conveniently switch on/off your LED light bar foglamp whenever you need to.


Q: How do I install this LED lightbar-grade fog lamp?

A: The following steps will show you how to install the 100W LED lightbar fog light on your Ford Raptor:

Step 1: Unbolt the screw holding the bumper rod and remove the metal clip behind the bumper rod. Use a socket wrench for easy removal. Mount the U-shaped bracket to this upper mounting hole on your Ford Raptor. Make sure the longer leg of the U-bracket faces out away from the truck.

If you mount in the free, lower mounting hole as shown below, the LED light bar fog lamp's alignment with the lower bumper opening will be off and you will not get the most output out of it.

Step 2: Route a bolt from behind the longer leg through the holes and thread a nut through the bolt to tightly secure.

Put the metal rail hat onto the adjustable rail piece on the LED light bar foglamp.

From behind the bumper, raise the LED light bar foglamp up to the U-shaped support bracket and slide the rail bolt through the hole. Secure the connection with a washer and nut. Repeat these steps for the other side.

Step 3: Connect the LED lightbar-grade fog lamp wires to a relay wiring harness with on/off switch. Connect the relay harness to your car battery. Refer to this diagram to help you wire the LED lightbar fog lamp.

Step 4: Test your LED light bar fog lamps to make sure they light up. Once they do, you can now enjoy your Ford Raptor's new and powerful LED light bar-grade fog lights!


Q: My Ford Raptor has switches built into my interior. Is there a way I can hook up my LED fog lights so that I can turn them on and off using my switches?

A: Yes, there are a few steps you can take to wire your LED fog lights to your interior switches.

Step 1: Wire your LED pod lights to the included relay wiring harness. Remove the on/off switch and cover the socket with black tape.

Step 2: Find your hotwires that are connected to your aux switches.

Step 3: Connect the factory aux switch input to the aux switch wire of your choice.

For more details, read our article on how to install LED products to use with Ford Raptor aux switches.


Please visit LED pod fog light kit FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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