Complete LED Rear Fog Light Kit For 2014-2018 Jeep Cherokee (KL), Includes High Power Red LED Bulbs, Red Lens Rear Foglamp Assy & Wiring Harness

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SKU 72-027-Red
  • Fit 2014-2018 Jeep Cherokee (KL)
  • Rear fog lamp kit increases rear visibility in all weather conditions (functions as taillight and brake light)
  • Directly replace off the original rear bumper reflectors (68105145AC 6810-5145-AC-001 68105144AC 6810-5144-AC-001)
  • Complete rear fog light kit includes a pair rear fog lamp assemblies, with brilliant red LED bulbs and the wire harnesses (wiring tips: black wire: ground, blue wire: tail light +, red wire: brake light +)

This page features the complete LED rear fog lamp kit with LED bulbs for the 2014-up Jeep Cherokee (KL) (Replace OEM # 68105145AC 6810-5145-AC-001 68105144AC 6810-5144-AC-001)

Each set comes complete with (2) rear fog lamp housings, (2) brilliant red LED bulbs, and a pair of wiring harnesses. Use this LED kit to replace your Jeep SUV's OEM rear bumper reflectors and upgrade to a brilliant red LED fog light that also function as a standard tail light and brake light! With this, you promote road safety by improving your visibility so other drivers will definitely see where you are and drive accordingly.

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Dear seller, What's estimated delivery time for Europe, the Netherlands? Thanks in advance, Jan

Hi, Please add the item to the shopping cart and enter your address to see the estimated transit time and cost.

how do i wire brake light to for rear fog 2015 jeep cherokee

To wire this item, the black wire would need to be tapped/hardwired to a ground, the blue wire to the tail light positive wire, and the red wire to the brake light positive wire.

How do I get just the bulbs and harness I already have the assembly.

There are 2 ways you can proceed. Option 1 is to purchase the bulb that has the wiring built-in/attached. Keep in mind, the bulb is not removable from the wiring so when it goes out, you would need to replace the whole thing. It also only comes with 1 bulb for $29.99. Check out this link of the item:

For option 2, you can also consider purchasing the harness and bulbs separately just so that when the bulb goes out in the future, you can replace the bulb only instead of the bulb and wiring that is attached together like the item above. Here is the sockets and bulbs you can use if you decide to go with option 2: 


1157 BULBS (Please be sure to select red):