LED Rear Fog Lamp Enabling Kit For MINI Cooper R56 R57 R58 F59 F55 F56 F57, (1) 9-SMD 921 W16W LED Bulb, Rear Foglight Enable Adapter & Wiring Harness

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SKU 72-030
  • Each kit includes 1 piece 9-SMD W16W 921 LED replacement bulb plus wiring harness and adapter
  • Enable your USDM MINI Cooper's rear fog light with the special wiring kit without adding an additional switch (simple wiring required)
  • Listing is for ONLY one piece to fit the MINI Cooper with a single rear fog light (OEM# 63246946904 or 63242751707)
  • Some MINI Cooper w/ two sole rear fog lamps which will require two units of this product (For OEM 63247350007, 63247350008)

For a simple LED upgrade on your MINI Cooper's tail end, look to the 9-SMD LED replacement bulb with rear fog lamp enabler adapter!

Your package will include (1) 9-SMD LED replacement bulb (921 or W16W size), a rear fog light enabler adapter, and a wiring harness to power your rear fog lights. Typically in USDM MINI Coopers, the rear fog lights are disabled for whatever reason. Using our included adapter, you will be able to activate your rear fog lights without the use of an additional switch.

This LED replacement bulb set is made to fit the MINI Cooper R56, R57, R58, F59, F55, F56, and F57 models. Since most MINI Coopers have just one rear center fog lamp, only one set is needed. However, if your MINI has two rear fog lights, you will need to purchase two units to complete the assembly.

Please note this product does not fit the backup/rear fog combination lamp. (please see the 4th image for the detail)

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Where do I connect the wires on my 2015 mini cooper

This LED rear fog enable set can be used on the MINI Cooper R56, R57, R58, F59, F55, F56, and F57 models. Please note the kit is only compatible with rear fog lamps with one function only.
Step 1:  Remove the screw underneath the bumper so you can reach out to the back end of your rear fog lights. Step 2 From under your rear bumper, twist to remove the stock bulb along with the harness. Step 3 Install the LED bulb where the stock bulb used to go. Then attach the enable adapter wire to the other end. Step 4 Wire the enabling harness to your tail light positive (+) and negative (-).