Smoked Lens Dynamic Sequential Blink LED Side Mirror Turn Signal Light Strip Assembly For BMW 5 6 7 Series (F01 F02 F10 F11 F12 F13)

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  • Complete set (left and right)
  • Fit BMW 2011-2016 F10 F11 F07 5 Series, 2011-2017 F12 F13 F06 6 Series, and 2009-2015 F01 F02 7 Series
  • Replace the factory equipped single LED emitter on/off ONLY side mirror turn signal lights to a unique Euro style dark/black smoke lens full LED dynamic sequential blink assemblies (Replace OEM # 63137308535 63137308536)
  • When you use the turn signal light, the LED lighting will flow/scroll from the center to the side (demo video:
  • Installation tips: carefully remove the mirror glass to access the screws/clips inside; Release them to further take off the cap/cover, and then directly replace the dynamic flashing LED sidemarker strip assy underneath the cover. After the installation, please lock the vehicle, wait about 5 sec, and then turn on the engine to allow the onboard computer to reset itself before testing function. (Warning for F13 6 Series, you might need to wire the LED light since there's no connectors)

If you have seen flowing turn signals on the hottest new cars, you probably wish you had them on your BMW. You won't have to be envious any longer because now you can achieve this look and feel with the side mirror dynamic turn signal lights!

This page features the smoked lens side mirror dynamic sequential blinking turn signal light assemblies for the following BMW models:

  • 2011-2016 F10 F11 F07 5 Series
  • 2011-2017 F12 F13 F06 6 Series
  • 2009-2015 F01 F02 7 Series

Now you can replace your side mirror's turn signal lamps to go from simple flashing to a flowing, dynamic blink. Sharpen the look of your side mirrors with its smoked lens housing that complements the sporty and luxurious aura of your BMW. As you engage your turn signals, the amber LEDs will scroll outwards from the center. Easily and directly replace your stock side mirror turn signals (OEM #63-13-7-308-535, 63-13-7-308-536) via plug and play action with no modifications required. Please note that since this product has a dark smoked lens and the sequential feature, it will appear slightly dimmer than the original side mirror lamp. Upgrade to the sequential lighting LED side mirror turn signal lamps to tell other drivers that you are merging in style!

Check out our video to see this in action:

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This smoked lens sequential blink LED side marker turn signal lamp will fit for the following vehicles: 
2011-2016 F10 F11 F07 5 Series 2011-2017 F12 F13 F06 6 Series 2009-2015 F01 F02 7 Series