No Drill Front Bumper Tow Hook License Plate Mounting Bracket Adapter Kit For 2018-up Alfa Romeo Stelvio (949)

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  • Good for 2018-up Alfa Romeo Stelvio (949)
  • No modification required! The billet aluminum rod screws into the original towbar opening to support the number plate instead of drilling into the bumper
  • Unlike the "copycats" on the market, our license plate relocation panel is made of black powder coated steel instead of aluminum; much stronger, more durable and better prevents the license plate from spinning due to high-speed driving
  • Panel also comes with 8 different mounting locations to best keep the license plate from blocking intake vents lights parking sensors with angle adjustment for plates to follow the curve of the bumper

This page features the no drilling required front bumper tow hook license plate relocation kit for the:

  • 2018-up Alfa Romeo Stelvio (949)

You can directly bolt on this bracket/adapter to your vehicle's front bumper tow hole and mount your license plate there instead of drilling and damaging your vehicle's front bumper.

Unlike the "copycats" on the market, our iJDMTOY license plate mounting bracket is made of black powder-coated steel instead of aluminum which is much stronger, more durable, and better prevents the license plate from spinning due to high-speed driving. The mounting bracket also comes with 8 different mounting locations to best keep the plate from blocking the intake vents / lights / parking sensors and angle adjustment slots on the plate to better follow the curve of the bumper during the installation.


  • Please carefully position the bracket, otherwise, it might trigger the parking sensor
  • Please always check the product compatibility list in the product description to make sure your vehicle is listed
  • You will also need to verify if your OEM tow hook matches the picture of the compatible tow hook shown in the product listing
  • Make sure the threading pattern is the same, regardless of tow bar color
  • The tow bar is designed to fit a number of vehicles so the space between the bumper and the support bracket may vary slightly according to your car
  • The space will give you appropriate hand-space to fully mount the license plate onto the support bracket to make the installation easier
  • If the tow hook socket/eye and the front parking sensor's distance is less than 5" apart, the license plate mounting bracket might trigger the sensor

Please visit Tow Hook License Plate Install FAQ for more detail.

Questions & Answers

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Hi. I just ordered the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Front License Plate Kit. Are their "instructions" on how to mount?

Check out our general guide:

Can this bracket be mounted on the driver side? Where you show it mounted, it would be covering up the Forward Collision radar device in that part of the grill on the passenger side.

Where the tow hook license plate mounting bracket kit is mounted depends on where your vehicle's tow hook opening is located. There are 8 different mounting spots on the bracket to test out in case it does get in the way of the parking sensor.

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