Steel Constructed No Drill/Cut, No Modification Required Lower Bumper Mounting Brackets/Hardwares For 2005-up Toyota Tacoma, 2014-up Toyota Tundra 30-31.5 Inch LED Light Bar

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  • Compatible with 2005-up Toyota Tacoma, 2014-up Toyota Tundra
  • Good for 30-31.5 Inch LED Light Bar
  • Mounting location: Lower Bumper
  • Hide the off-road LED light bar at the lower grille area to keep your truck with a factory stock look with excellent lighting whenever you need it to RULE THE NIGHT!


Q: Is the installation guide included?
A: Yes, there is a brief paper install guide included and on this guide, there is a QR code and a link will take you to the detail install guide.
Q: How come when I connect the LED light bar to power, it does not light up? or part of the LED light bar does not light up?
A: Since the LED light bar is polar sensitive, so if it does not light up at all, please try to switch the two wires around. For any "part" light up issues, it means the power source is not strong enough to completely power up this LED light bar. It happens especially when you are testing the light bar with a 12V power supply (normally can only power up to 60W) or could mean your car battery is not fully charged or it is too old that does not hold enough "juice" any more.
Q: How do I connect the relay harness?
A: Please follow the QR Code or the link on the paper guide, it will take you to the detailed guide for wiring.

Q: Will this LED light bar fit my truck?

A: This LED light bar is compatible with 2014-up Toyota Tundra. You can visit How To Install 2014-up Toyota Tundra LED Light Bar Kit for more detail.


Q: Is there any modification required for installation?

A: There is no modification required to install this LED light bar. Unlike conventional LED light bars on the market like the ones from Rigid, the iJDMTOY Toyota Tundra LED light bar has a no mod/no drill installation.


Q: Will this LED light bar block the air flow?

A: When we first developed the LED light bar, we conducted a significant amount of research on truck forums based on members' feedback. The consensus is that there is no noticeable effect from the LED light bar blocking the air flow.

Besides, the front end of the truck is not completely sealed after the LED light bar installation so the air can flow in from the front grille as well.


Q: What if I don't want to take off my front grille before installing the LED light bar?

A: Sorry. Taking off the front grille is required for installing the LED light bar. You can see that there's not enough space to insert the LED light bar if the grille is still attached.


Q: How do I know which mounting holes to use to secure the Toyota Tundra LED light bar?

A: To find out which mounting holes to use, remove the bumper and look at the crash beam facing the front side. Because you will be installing this onto a 2014 or later Toyota Tundra, you will be mounting your metal mounting brackets onto the inner mounting location by the support bracket's 2nd hole. The Toyota Tundra should have 3 mounting holes on the outer side of the crash beams.


Please visit LED light bar kit FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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