Steel Constructed No Drill/Cut, No Modification Required Behind Grille Mounting Brackets/Hardwares For 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra 40-Inch LED Light Bar

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SKU 35-979-P1
  • Compatible with 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra
  • Good for 40-Inch LED Light Bar
  • Mounting location: Behind Grille
  • Hide the off-road LED light bar in the grill to keep your Toyota Tundra with a factory stock look with excellent lighting whenever you need it to RULE THE NIGHT!

Q: What truck will this LED light bar fit?

A: The 40" 240W high power double row LED light bar will fit the 2014-up Toyota Tundra. You can visit How to Install 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra LED Double Row Light Bar for more details.


Q: Will this LED light bar block the air flow?

A: When we first developed the LED light bar, we conducted a significant amount of research on truck forums based on members' feedback. The consensus is that there is no noticeable effect from the LED light bar blocking the air flow. Additionally, the front end of the truck is not completely sealed after the LED light bar installation so the air can flow in from the front grille as well.


Q: Do I absolutely need a relay harness wiring kit?

A: Although it's not absolutely necessary to wire your LED light bar to a relay harness, we highly recommend that you do so if you don't have one already. Connecting your LED light bar to a relay harness will protect your Toyota Tundra's circuits, since the relay harness has a built-in fuse, and ensures that it doesn't overload. Having your LED light bar connected to a relay harness protects your car battery's longevity; turning your car off also turns off the LED light bar. Additionally, our relay harnesses come with an on/off switch so that you can conveniently switch on/off your LED light bar whenever you need to.

Please visit LED light bar kit FAQ/tech support for more detail.

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