LED Daytime Running Light Automatic On/Off Switch Controller Module Box (Enable DRL Turn On When Engine Starts)

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SKU AA1072
  • Easily enable LED daytime running lights' On/Off together with the car engine On/Off
  • No hassle of finding the ACC in fuse box nor the annoying tap wire process and works with most LED daytime running lights on the market
  • Wattage capacity: 12W, Delay turn on time: 5 sec, Delay turn off time: 15 sec
  • Size: 2.00(L) x 1.00(W) x 0.55(D) inches

Having trouble finding the ACC location in the fuse box? Hate cutting the wires that will avoid your car warranty? Here is a better solution: the automatic LED daytime running light ON/OFF switch module box.

This automatic LED DRL On/Off switch module box will allow you to easily install the LED daytime running lights and set it to turn on whenever the engine is on and turn off when the engine is off.


Please make sure mount this module box near the battery to prevent any water damage
Connect output side red/black wires to both sides LED daytime running lamps
Then connect input side red/black wires (the end with fuse) to car battery positive and negative

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Does it have dimming function?

The LED Auto DRL module box does have a dimming function. It has an optional white wire when connected to the positive headlight it will dim the lighting output by 50%.  

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