Heavy Duty 16-GA Ceramic Adapter 9008-H13 Wiring Harness Adapters For Headlights/Fog Lamps Retrofit

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SKU AA1081
  • Quantity: 1 pair (left side and right side harness)
  • 9008/H13 lamp connector
  • Male and female connector included that's pre-wired for plug and play; There's no need to modify the stock wires at all
  • Made with high efficiency copper wiring with a ceramic plug (can withstand up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit)

This listing features one pair of brand new H13/9008 heavy duty wiring harness with ceramic plug for headlights or fog lights.

It has an easy plug and play pre-wired socket and heat resistant ceramic plug, that's perfect for upgrading the stock harness for heavy duty light bulbs without worrying about any overloading or melting issues.

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