Alternating Left/Right Strobe Flash Module Box For Car Fog Lights, LED Daytime Running Lights, Work Lights and more

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SKU AA1167
  • 1 piece (Total length: 9 inches)
  • Input: 12V DC, Output: 12V DC
  • High wattage capacity: up to 4AMP, output (aka 48W)
  • For demo video please check at

This listing features one piece alternating flashing strobe module box for most 12V light applications such as fog lights, LED daytime running lights, LED strips, etc.

For this alternative flashing strobe module box, simply tap both left and right light applications to this module box output side and then connect the input side to the 12V power source.

Please note: this module box is not waterproof, please do not place it somewhere the water can get on it.

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I need an LED strobe flash control module that can make the front turn signals on a motorcycle flash like an emergency vehicle's lights.

We recommend our Alternating Left/Right Strobe Flash Module Box. You may check out the video demo here:  

Hi I’m want to install this in my 2019 AMG C43. Do I have to change the bulbs as well or I have to install only modulator? And I want you too ship this to Australia how much it’s going to cost. Thanks

This strobe flash module is compatible with LED and standard incandescent lights. For shipping quotes, please input your shipping information while checking out to see the shipping rates.

Do you have wiring diagram for this?

The wiring diagram can be found on the product listing photos. Photo #3 will tell you which is the input side and which is the output side. For input, you will connect the power source that will trigger the module to perform its flash strobe function. On the output side, you will connect the lighting application – typically 2 lighting applications. There are two output ground wires, one to each lighting application. The single output positive terminal will connect to both of the lighting applications positive terminal.

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