12V LF-100B LED Brake Stop Light Continuously Pulsing Strobe Flash Module Controller Box For Car Motorcycle, etc

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SKU AA1189
  • Miniature size and waterproof design (IP65) with easy to install diagram on the module box
  • Improve safety, can better alert the vehicles behind you to prevent rear-end collision
  • Compatible with all types of brake lights, including LED clusters, such as cars, motorcycles, tanks, armored vehicles, electric bicycles and other LED lights
  • Flashing pattern: strobe three times fast, 0.3 sec stop and repeatedly (10Hz @ 300ms, to 0Hz @ 300ms, to 10Hz @ 300ms...); demo video: youtu.be/9cGIurNKlWM

Whether it's for worksite safety or you just need an extra set of hazard lights, using a flashing brake light module box is just what you need to keep those around you safe!

This page features the 12V LF-100B LED brake stop light pulsing strobe flash module box for any car, truck, motorcycle etc. Wire the perpetual pulsing flash module box to your brake lights improve your visibility and safety. You'll be able to better alert cars behind you and minimize the chances of a rear-end collision! Apply your brakes to engage your stop lights and witness the warning flash patterns. Your brake lamps will strobe three times with a rate of 10Hz @ 300ms with a 0.3-second rest (0Hz @ 300ms) in between. Use the pulsing strobe brake light controller box on all types of brake lights, including LED clusters, in such vehicles as cars, motorcycles, tanks, armored vehicles, and electric bicycles to command attention of drivers behind you!

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