3-Pin CF13/CF14 Interchangeable CF15 Electronic LED Flasher Relay For LED Related Turn Signal Bulbs Hyper Flash Fix

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  • CF13/CF14 compatible electronic LED flasher relay fix for LED turn signal bulbs hyper flashing problem
  • Dimensions: 2.00" x 1.40" x 0.90", pigtail length: 6.00"
  • Specially designed with three wires and pins de-attached from the relay, so you can easily flip the wires for polarities/directions (will work with both CF13 & CF14 sockets)
  • To install: locate the original flasher usually in the fuse box, remove it and insert the wire/pins accordingly (Blue wire: L, Black wire: E- and Red wire: B+)

If you turn signals are flashing really fast and you need to correct their pace, you'll want to get a flasher relay. Most however have fixed pins which can be annoying to deal with. Forget about the hassle and use this interchangeable LED flasher relay fix!

This page features the 3-pin CF15 electronic LED flasher relay to correct your turn signal's flashing pace. Unlike traditional flashers, this LED relay fix features wired pins detached from the box that allows you to plug in without any fiddling whatsoever. With a 6" wire length, you have an easier time installing the LED flasher. The wired pins allow this LED flasher to be used with both CF13 & CF14 sockets for versatile use!

To install this CF15 LED flasher relay, open your fuse box and locate your original flasher. Unplug it and replace it with this 3-pin interchangeable pin flasher. First plug in the blue wire into the middle L slot. Plug in the red and black wires to the remaining slots accordingly (B+ & E-). Test to see if your turn signals still hyper flash. If it does, swap the red and black wires and try again.

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