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  • Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights
  • Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights
  • Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights Aftermarket LED Tail Lights

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Installation Guides & Articles

How To Install Aftermarket LED tail lights

This is a general installation guide to show you how to install aftermarket tail lamps. The tail lights for most cars are simply bolted on from the inside of the trunk. You just need to remove the trunk carpet cover and un-bolt the tail lights. Slowly move the loose tail lights a little by a little to have the tail lights removed completely. Do not hurry on this step, because you might break any clips that are used to hold the tail lights from inside...(read more)

LED Backup Reverse Lights Installation

Get your off-road Jeep a pair of headlamps on the back by adding a pair of high power CREE LED reverse lights. We will show you how simple the installation is and how much brightness you can get from a pair of small LED bulbs...(read more)

Fix Headlight, Fog Light or Daytime Running Lights Condensation

Sometimes it is really inevitable to have water condensation inside the housing. We have the solution and will show you how to get rid of the water condensation and prevention steps you should do to avoid the same problem from happening again in the future...(read more)

LED turn signal lights common troubleshooting

After getting your new tail lights, I am sure you want to get some LED bulbs to complete it. We carry them all and here are some common FAQs you should know about the LED turn signal light bulbs in case you run into any issues...(read more)

How to install BMW E46 3 Series LED Tail Lights

Before you start, be certain that you have 1-2 hours to dedicate to setting up these. They include resistor boxes and different wiring attached to them so you need to hide all this kind of stuff. The ONLY way to do it right is to remove the black trunk panel and both sides of the carpet lining...(read more)

LED reverse lights

This is our all new 25W CREE LED reverse lights, 3x brighter than the stock 921 backup lamp bulbs. It is like adding a set of headlights for the back, this is why we call it "HID equivalent"...(read more)

Tail Lights Are All About Style and Safety

Custom Tail Lights is not only about style, but also about safety and functionality.

Here at, we carry a large selection of aftermarket tail lamps from Euro Red to JDM Altezza, from Smoke and Black lens to the latest LED matrix and Optical Fiber LED illuminated. You will have hundreds of different styles and designs to choose from. This will ensure you have the most unique custom tail lamps on the street that everyone will turn their heads over to see your ride.

Besides the design and style, all our taillights are designed with the cutting edge CAD computerized equipment and tested using a 3D testing machine to guarantee precise and accurate perfect fitment and are DOT/SAE approved and ISO certified to ensure its superior quality.

Choose from, you will get the latest and coolest style with no compromise for safety.

LED Tail Lights, Euro Tail Lights, JDM Altezza Tail Lights

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