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Car Stickers have become a culture, as it shows your personality on the car and sends out a message to let other drivers know who you are and how you think. The decal is precisely CAD cut and when applied to the vehicle it will have no background, but the beautiful solid design logo. The decal comes pre-masked and ready to apply. Simply peel the backing, place it firmly on the vehicle and peel off the top clear application tape and the decal will be transferred to the vehicle. This vinyl decal is made of the highest quality 10-year grade reflective KK vinyl. It will not damage your paint, will not fade, shrink or be affected by weather. In the future, if you wish to remove the decals, it can easily be done, simply by heating the surface with a heat gun/dryer and slowly peel the decal away.


  • Easy Installation, simply peel and apply
  • Easy Removal without residual
  • Universal Fit for any vehicles on window or bumper
  • True JDM look and express your personality
  • How to apply a bumper sticker

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Graffiti JDM Fatlace Domo Dope Car Sticker Decal For Gas Cap Side Pillar Bumper Graffiti JDM illest Hellaflush Dope Car Sticker For Gas Cap Side Mirror Fatlace illest Mad Rally Pig Cross Bandaid Shocker Hand JDM as Fck Combo Decals JDM Wakaba Leaf Bandaid Sortaflush Hellaflush Lowered Dope iLLest Combo Decals
JDM Shocker Hand Bandaid Eat Sleep JDM Fatlace illest Combo Decals JDM as Fck Simply Clean Hoonigan Snail Decal Set 3D Decal Sticker 3D Decal Sticker
JDM Canibeat No Fat Chics Bowtie Fresh As Fck Combo Decals JDM illest illmotion Fatlace FourBangin Like A Boss Combo Decals JDM Fatlace Low Life Fking Classy F-Bomb I Love Haters Combo Decals JDM Panda New Driver Leaf Skeleton Fish Transformer Combo Decals
JDM Eat Sleep JDM Fresh As Fck I Love Haters Canibeat Combo Decals JDM HOONIGAN Ken Angry Rally Pig Cool Story Bro Slammed Combo Decals JDM U Mad Brother Skeleton Skull Fish Like A Boss Leaf Combo Decals JDM Fcking Classy Fatlace JDM AS FCK I Love Haters Combo Decals
JDM Panda Skull Fish Low Life Be Patient I'm Lowered Combo Decals JDM Angry Pig Head No Fat Chick Domo Baby On Board Combo Decals JDM Four Bangin Filthiest Fukenmuven Fresh As Fck Combo Decals JDM Fcking Classy JDM AS FCK Panty Dropper illest Combo Decals
JDM Sortaflush Hellaflush SHOCKER HAND Cool Story Bro Combo Decals JDM X Band-Aid Hello Kitty Bow Tie Team Panda Snail Combo Decals JDM Cool Story Bro I Love Haters Fatlace illest Combo Decals JDM X Band-Aid F-Bomb Skeleton Skull Bones Fish Combo Decals

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