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Meet our new category of LED: COB-style LED (Chip on Board LED). With this new design, multi LED emitters are packaged together as one lighting module and when it lights up, it will look like one single lighting panel. Due to this new packaging technology, the COB LED is much brighter yet stays cooler than the CREE high power LED. Besides being able to produce an amazingly lighting output, because of its special LED emitters built inside the circuit board, it will appear invisible when lighting up, and you won't notice individual lighting emitters at all.


  • Lumen output nearly comparable to HID lights
  • Brighter yet cooler than most other high power LED lights
  • 20,000 plus working hours life span
  • Very wide angle lighting output and coverage

Replace your factory incandescent halogen bulbs with brighter, more efficient, and much more attractive COB-style LED lights. While everyone else sticks with HID conversion kits, stand out from the crowd with these unique LED lights.

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20W 1600Lumen High Power LED Conversion Kit For Fog Lights or Even Headlights Upgrades 7.5W High Power 921 912 LED Bulbs For Parking Lights or Backup Lights High Power 168 194 921 912 LED Bulbs For Parking Lights or Backup Lights Chevy Camaro RS SS CREE Luxeon High Power LED Fog Lights
High Power H3 LED Bulbs For Fog Lights or Driving Lamps 5W COB 5202 H16 LED Daytime Running Lights Fog Lamps Kit 3157 3457 4157 High Power Switchback LED Bulbs For Turn Signal Lights 7443 7444 High Power Switchback LED Bulbs For Turn Signal Lights
1157 2357 7528 High Power Switchback LED Bulbs For Turn Signal Lights Universal 1.5W High Power LED Eagle Eye Lights Universal Fit Bolt-On High Power 3W LED Eagle Eyes Lamps 2W T10 2825 168 194 High Power LED lights bulbs
T10 168 194 2825 Projector High Power LED bulbs 1W 168 194 2825 T10 High Power LED Light Bulbs 1W DE3175 DE3022 Festoon High Power LED Light Bulb 1.5W 6418 6411 Festoon High Power LED Light Bulbs
211-2 212-2 578 Festoon High Power LED Light Bulb 1W 64132 H6W Bayonet High Power LED bulbs

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This video will show you our v2 upgraded LED headlight or fog light conversion kit powered by the high power COB LED emitters. This kind of COB LED will give you a HID "equivalent" lighting output.

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