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Aftermarket Fog Lamps and driving lamps are available for almost any car, SUV, or truck on the road. These lights are designed to help you see better in low visibility such as fog, rain, or in areas without any city lights. We have ones that replace the factory assembly to completely universal aftermarket assemblies; whatever you need to get the job done, we probably have it. We carry standard incandescent halogen style lights that are ready for an HID conversion kit and LED lighting fog lights which are all functional and stylish at the same time. They are all intended to be plug-and-play with the factory housing or they can be easily wired to the factory electrical system. You don’t have to be an electrical engineer to install any of these fog lights.

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Installation Guides & Articles

Lexus Toyota Scion Install LED Fog Lights

It is very important to have a pair of fog lamps, especially in some extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, dense fog and snow. So here we have provided you this installation guide based on a Toyota and give you a general concept on how to install the aftermarket fog lights...(read more)

HID Projector Fog Lights Installation

Here we will show you how to mount our universal fit projector fog lamps by adding an extra metal support bracket. Of course this bracket is not required for every car, but it is good to know how to do this...(read more)

Scion FR-S Install Fog Lights

This installation guide is for 2014 Scion FR-S to show you how to easily install this Scion FR-S OEM style fog light kit. Pretty much everything has been designed to be plug and play. It will be a great add-on for all Scion FR-S to get a genuine and JDM Toyota 86 look...(read more)

HID Xenon Lights Installation Guide

HID Conversion Kit for headlights or fog lights is probably the first major upgrade you will do for your car. Here we will show you step by step on how to easily install the HID conversion kit...(read more)

Scion FR-S Install LED Fog Lights

This is another installation guide for Scion FRS but to convert the original halogen fog lamps to our HID equivalent 18W high power LED fog lamps. The installation is very easy, there is no modification required and everything is plug-and-play. The output is amazing, just like you have added a pair of HID for the fog lamps...(read more)

Fix Headlight, Fog Light or Daytime Running Lights Condensation

Sometimes it is really inevitable to have water condensation inside the fog lamp. We have the solution and will show you how to get rid of the water condensation as well as prevention steps you should do to avoid the same problem from happening again in the future...(read more)

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