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  • LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights
  • LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights
  • LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights LED Bumper Reflector Lights

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Lexus IS250 IS350 33-SMD LED Bumper Reflector Lights 2014-up Lexus IS250 IS350 69-SMD Red LED Bumper Reflectors 2011 and up Kia Optima K5 Rear Bumper LED Bumper Reflectors Honda CRZ Insight Acura TSX LED Bumper Reflector
Lexus RC IS-F GX470 Toyota Sienna Venza LED Bumper Reflectors Toyota RAV4 Scion xD LED Bumper Reflector Lights Toyota Highlander Sequoia LED Bumper Reflector Lights Toyota Sienna Corolla LED Bumper Reflector Lights
Nissan Juke Murano Quest Infiniti FX35 LED Bumper Reflector Lights Mitsubishi Lancer LED Bumper Reflector Lights Mazda3 LED Bumper Reflector Lights Mazda3 or Mazdaspeed3 Red or Clear lens LED Bumper Reflector
BMW F10 5 Series Clear or Black Bumper Reflectors Order Spare Parts

Installation Guides & Articles

How to install LED bumper reflectors

Here we have a general installation guide to show you how to replace the OEM bumper reflectors for our LED reflector lights. We will also show you how to tap the wires to enable the proper functions of these LED bumper reflectors...(read more)

This YouTube video shows you how to remove the bumper reflectors. Some bumper reflectors can be popped off, but in most cases, you will need to need to gain access from the back of the bumper in order to pop the reflector off since it is held with a clip or screw. So in order to do a clean job, we highly recommend you remove the rear bumper to install this product.

LED Bumper Reflector Lights Installation Guide

This installation guide is based on a Nissan Quest and will show you step by step how to remove the stock bumper and how to install this LED bumper reflector. The hardest part is to drop the rear bumper and once you have the bumper removed, everything else is super easy...(read more)

In this video, we will show you how these LED bumper reflectors function, based on a 2011 Mugen style Honda CR-Z. During the day when the headlight is off, these LED reflectors will only light up as brighter mode when you step on the brake. During night time when the headlight on, these LED bumper reflectors will light up in dimmer mode as tail lights and when you step on the brake, it will become brighter than brake lights.

Toyota Venza with LED Bumper Reflectors

We just got these pictures from one of our customers who installed these brand new red lens on a Toyota Venza LED Bumper Reflectors. This kind of  LED bumper reflectors is built with 21 pieces of 1210-SMD LED as taillights/brake lights for Lexus IS-F, GX470, RX300 or Toyota Sienna LE SE XLE, Matrix, Venza, Avalon, and now available in OEM red or crystal clear and smoked lens...(read more)

Lexus IS-F Smoked LED Bumper Reflectors

Do you feel like you’re missing something from the back of your vehicle? Does it seem like those boring looking reflectors create an eye sore? We’re very pleased to present our smoked LED bumper reflectors for the Lexus IS-F; these lights replace the original bumper reflector with our LED fitted ones which light up and work as brake light...(read more)

Get Rid of Those Bulb-less Reflectors

LED Bumper Reflectors were first introduced in 2010 at Tokyo Auto Salon. They were designed to replace the OEM bulb-less plastic reflectors on the bottom of the rear bumper with the same type of assembly but have the LED lights built inside. After the replacement, you just need to tap the wires from this LED reflector to the stock tail light positive/negative wires and brake light positive so they can be used as additional tail lights and brake lights for improved visibility! These stylish LED reflector lights provide a quick response and more light when you step on the brakes which allows other drivers to see and react quicker to avoid collision. These super bright LED bumper reflectors are available for varieties of mainly JDM cars such as Acura TSX, Honda CR-Z, CR-V, Lexus IS250/IS350/IS-F, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Toyota Corolla, Sienna and more.

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