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One set 12V Horn Wiring Harness Relay Kit For Car Truck Grille Mount Blast Tone Horns (Actual Horns not included)

12V Horn Wiring Harness Relay Kit For Car Truck Grille Mount Blast Tone Horns


Price: $12.99

Stock:In Stock

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Details FAQ/Install


  • 1 set relay harness only (Horns not included!)
  • Cable length: approx: 60 inches
  • Universal for most grille mount electric blast horns
  • Connect up to two horns
  • Made with 18 Gauge wire, high efficient copper wiring
  • Heavy duty, high efficient, heat resistant, never melt
  • See more product details


Horn Relay Harness Kit

Horn Relay Harness Kit

Horn Relay Harness Kit

Horn Relay Harness Kit

Horn Relay Harness Kit

Horn Relay Harness Kit

Horn Relay Harness Kit

Additional Information

Take the trouble out of installing your aftermarket horns with this relay wiring harness. This relay kit will make the installation super easy! This harness gives you the option of using both your existing and your aftermarket horns, while maintaining your factory horn button with one easy setup.

Since most car only has one horn, if you want install an extra pair of horns, it is necessary to use this relay harness kit. This relay harness kit will minimize the modification and make the installation super easy!

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  1 of 1 people found this product review helpful:
Solid horn harness. Universal fit February 20, 2018

Reviewer: A. Nonymous

This horn wiring harness is great for a universal application. If you have the slightest knowledge of vehicle electrics you should be able to figure it out. If the lead is too short, extend it. Used it to wire auxiliary horns. Turned out great. Don?€?t expect this to work directly with whatever car you?€?re working on, it?€?s not made specifically for any one vehicle.

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found this product review helpful:
Nice horn wiring harness February 17, 2018

Reviewer: Clemuel.

A very useful and versatile horn wiring set.  While the Chinese stuff may be of dubious quality, it's all you need for a horn or spotlight or any wiring accessory that requires a relay control.  I used it to install an electronic horn where my switch triggered a connection to ground.  This saved me a bunch compared to buying the wiring, guard and relay at a parts store.  Here's what I got:  A typical Chinese plug-in type SPST 12 volt relay and its socket with no mounting lug.  Corrugated wire protector (4-1/2 feet) with two 18 ga wires in it, Four feet of single conductor 18 ga battery lead in a loom. Two feet of 18ga battery ground lead in a plastic loom, Two sets of 18ga leads for horn attachments, one that's two feet long and one that's 4 feet long.  A foot of two 18ga wires in a loom for attaching to your signal supply.

With these parts at this price, you should be able to work out your application.  There's a link on the seller's Web site that explains the connections if that's a help you need.  This horn wiring harness may not be "plug and play" for many applications but all the stuff is here that you need except perhaps for additional terminals and extra 18 ga stranded wire if these don't fit your application.  You really should have some knowledge of what you are doing if you are hoping to make this work.  Happy wiring!

I took away one star for the Chinese relay which anyone knows may or may not work a week from today but can be replaced with a new plugged in one for a few bucks if it fails.

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  1 of 1 people found this product review helpful:
Used this horn harness with Supertones! February 4, 2018

Reviewer: Christopher E.

Now keep in mind this horn wiring harness is designed for use with fog lights. However I bought it to use with my HELLA Supertone horns.
It worked ALMOST perfectly, with only slight modification necessary to fit my application. Installed on a 2004 Camry.
The wires to the horns, ground for the horns, and connection to the battery was all plug and play. Then I connected the other red wire to my original turn signal wire, and the other black wire to a ground. Also swapped the 25amp fuse out for a 15 amp.
Horns work perfectly and they're HELLA loud.

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  0 of 0 people found this product review helpful:
great horn harness for 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser November 2, 2017

Reviewer: B. Long

Used 2 harnesses to install (4) HELLA 003399801 Supertone. DANG these are loud as heck! Look, you will need to do a few mods such as adding connectors and may need to lengthen or shorten a few wires, NO BIG DEAL, worked well on my 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser. Now I have a big sound for a big rig, the factory horns sounded like an 1980's Ford LTD.....

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  1 of 1 people found this product review helpful:
Nice horn relay harness. October 24, 2017

Reviewer: Cris

Nicely put together relay and wiring kit for a two-horn setup being added to your vehicle.  My installation was to replace a single horn setup for a 2015 Honda Civic.  The only way you can figure out what wires go where is to look at the photo on the Amazon website ad which shows the two horn connectors, the battery + and -, and the feed back to the original car + and - connections from the factory (hint, it's the bullet shaped ones).  I had to cut off the bullet-shaped connectors for the original Honda connections and solder them together, not a big issue.  One issue is that the feeds that go to the battery (+ and - ) should be foot or so longer.  I had to splice in an extension, and the Civic is not a wide car.  Each installation will be different, so I expected to have to do some home wiring.  The fee a new pair of Hella 007424801 Twin Trumpet High/Low Tone horns.  The original meep-meep POS Honda single horn only pulled 3.5 Amps.  The new Hella units pull about 6 Amps each, thus the need for the dedicated power feed and relay.  Works great.

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