2015 Ford F150 Installed LED Headlight Bulbs

2015 Ford F150 Installed LED Headlight Bulbs

We have got picture(s) from one of our customers, Robert who has recently bought and installed our LED Headlight Bulbs, 50W 2500K Selective Yellow Extremely Bright LED Headlight, Driving Lamp, Fog Light Upgrade Bulbs, Powered By CSP Chipsets .

Here's his/her feedback/comment: 

How would you rate this product?: 4

How would you rate the installation?: 3

Comment: I like the look of these lights. I will need to do a little more
adjusting as right now I can't see them past the factory led headlights.
Installition was a bit of a pain as the o-ring was way to thick for my fog
lights ended up using the oring from the bulbs I removed. The tuning of the
light was a pain as well. I put a mark on all three sections so I could get
a better reference when trying to get them parallel to the ground.

This customer has also shared some nice picture(s), enjoy!


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