iJDMTOY SEMA 2016 Coverage - Chevy Concept Cars

iJDMTOY SEMA 2016 Coverage - Chevy Concept Cars

This is a special year for the Chevy, because it's the Camaro's 50th anniversary. It's pretty surreal to see the iconic car celebrating 50 years since its inception, so it's practically a no-brainer that the Camaro will get a feature at this year's SEMA. Here are some of the featured concepts showcased by Chevy this year:

Camaro Turbo AutoX

The AutoX name refers to autocross, with a 2.0 liter engine and an upgraded suspension, brakes, exhaust, and air intake. These upgrades make the AutoX very appealing to younger enthusiasts, and those who are just getting into the car game.

Some notable little accessories on the AutoX is the front tow hook, Euro-style side markers, rear spoiler, and a GoPro camera mount for enthusiasts who like to spend their free time on the track.

Colorado ZH2

A hydrogen fuel cell-powered Chevy is unheard of, but this concept is actually pretty enticing. This would be quite a stealthy, silent truck that could traverse through the terrain practically undetected. If you're in the special forces, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck could potentially be a very valuable asset.

The Colorado ZH2 could quite possibly be part of the Army fleet in less than five years, so we will have to wait and see.

Silverado HD Alaskan Concept

If you wanted a heavy duty snow shovel on wheels, you have the Silverado HD Alaskan edition with a stainless steel snow plow. This truck would be absolutely perfect in its namesake, Alaska, as well as the frigid Siberian climate where the snow is taller than some of the buildings. The chrome bumpers, trailer mirrors, and hardcore emblems make this truck a pretty formidable addition to anyone's truck collection.

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