Nissan 370Z NISMO Installed LED Rear Fog Light Kit

Nissan 370Z NISMO Installed LED Rear Fog Light Kit

We have got picture(s) from one of our customers, Bob Zoellner, who has recently installed our Dark Red, Red or Smoked Lens LED Rear Fog Light Kit For 2009-up Nissan 370Z & 13-17 Juke Nismo, Red LED Brake/Rear Fog & White LED Backup Reverse.

Here's the comment from him: 

How would you rate this product?: 4

How would you rate the installation?: 4

Comment: Brake light works great and looks awesome but the running light did
not work. It flickered on and off during bench test but after installation
there is no low light as you can see. Love the Torex Cat Back system and the
K&N Typhoon intakes. This car is fast and what a sweet butt!  As you said
the wires need to be hardwired for the best connections. Wished the running
light worked maybe you can send me another and I’ll switch it out at the
Thank you Cesar for the help online

Here are the picture(s) shared from him. Enjoy!

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